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~~ 5th bloganniversary tutorial: Minicanvas ~~

Posted by Ania On Wednesday, March 17, 2010
Edit: the giveaway has now been closed & winner picked. Comments still open though, in case of question and stuff :)

I love creating stuff on mini-canvasses. I’ve stored quite a few of these cute small ones which measures like 4x4” (approx 10cm) and is almost an inch thick (purchased at Søstrene Grene for like 10NOK each :p). While I’ve added photos on canvasses before, my fave thing about these canvasses is actually just to play with paint and ink or mist and leftover bits and pieces lying on my table, particulary rub-ons and stickers. Oh, and to add parts of lyrics and stuff. And I like the small ones because I think it’s usually much easier to actually get it to turn out cute/nice than figuring what more to add to the larger ones (guess it’s a personal preference, though).

love1 You’ll start with a plain canvas. These are already prepared, so no need to add gesso to the surface unless you really want to. I opted not to.

love2Starting with glimmer-mist I added splotches of Gold and Jazz Blue, using both the spray and unscrewing the spray, taking it out to tap on the straw right above the canvas to get larger splotches.

love3 I decided to decorate the edges with ribbons. Pleated ones, that is. I measured the ribbon (from Fancy Pants – “About a Girl”) around the canvas, pleating as I went, to make sure I had enough ribbon. Then, with the help of the sewing machine (and the zig-zag-pattern), the ribbon got pleated for real.

love4 Homemade pleated ribbon! Pwetty!

love6Grabbed a sheet of rub-ons (also from Fancy Pants “About a Girl”), cut out the motif and made sure it actually fit within the canvas. The ribbon is just loosely added around the canvas just to see how the whole canvas will look colorwise.

love7 After rubbing on the rub-on I thought it was time to seal the surface, this time with the matte Multi-Medium from Claudine Hellmuth Studio. Apply the medium with quick, light strokes, as the glimmer-mist will sort of melt and become pretty watercolor-like (using a spray-sealer will help the glimmer-mist to keep its look more I think. I haven’t really sealed canvases with glimmer-mist before, and tbh they still look fine now, 1 1/2+ years later. Just don´t expose unsealed glimmer-mist to direct sunlight. Hm. Not sure you can expose sealed glimmer-mist to sunlight either, tho :p). I liked the look I got here anyways :)

love8 Feeling the canvas still looked somewhat naked, I rummaged through the Fancy Pants felt-stash and was lucky enough to find these bits and pieces which fit the canvas perfectly. These were adhered to the canvas using Fabri-Tac glue – my fave liquid glue atm :)

love9I decided the canvas looked pretty much stuffed & finished already with the added felt, so I thought it was about time to adhere the ribbon to the canvas. Again, Fabri-Tac was used.

love10 Just adhere it one side at a time :)

love Here’s the finished result. Figured I could add these Prima-gemstones to the scallops and the supercute Prima-pebble to the middle of the felty “love” sentiment.

A bit overly cutesy and not really the look I usually end up with when making minicanvasses (see below for my fave prev. canvasses), but it’ll probably make a cute gift to a little girl or something like that (Amalie thinks it's for her. I dunno yet. She's oogling it for sure, fishing for who it's for. I'm a mean mommy :p).

Here’s some older canvasses I’ve made & love, just to show the differences and possibilities you can have with these small cute ones:

comfortable Glimmermist, transparency, rubons and bits from lyrics..


Painted edges, whitewashed patterned paper, chipboard, buttons and brads..

Glimmermist, paint, rubons (even on the sides) and stickers. And a quote. dino4

Playing with glimmermist, chipboard, glossy accent and pen.


Same with this minicanvas. Love how the shine of glimmermist really is highlighted by the glossy accent.

Hope you now feel inspired to work on a mini-canvas next time you feel like making something different :)

Here’s what you can win tomorrow :)

So as usual, just comment on this post for a chance on the giveaway. This time I’d like to know what you like to recommend listening to, as I’m on the lookout for new music :) And if you actually have a link to a playlist on spotify I’d love to check it out! :)

I’ll do the drawing tomorrow (March 18th) evening at around 8pm my time – the comments on all the prev. posts will be open until then :) Good luck!!

50 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ 5th bloganniversary tutorial: Minicanvas ~~'

  1. Claude Said,'> 1:18 PM

    Thank you so much for this. Canvases intimidate me, you made them not so scary!
    Right now, I'm listening to the music of Glee. Don't know if that's your thing or not, but it sure works for me as scrapping music!


  2. chksngr Said,'> 1:36 PM

    I've been looking for art for my sons room...I could so use this idea with cut outs of some of the animals from his bedding fabric...that would be SOOO CUTE!


  3.'> 1:43 PM

    this is absolutely beautiful! I think I would try!


  4. Zarah Said,'> 1:47 PM

    Ooooh! LOVELY!!


  5.'> 1:50 PM

    AJAJ! ble umiddelbart inspirert til å mekke dinosaurbilder til rommet til guttungen!!
    Tusen takk! Nå skal jeg få ut fingeren ang de små lerrettene jeg har hatt i skuffen leeeenge...
    Og jeg blir gjerne med i trekning!! :D


  6.'> 2:10 PM

    Thanks for the inspiration to do canvasses. I don't feel so intimidated by them now.


  7. Ellen* Said,'> 2:30 PM

    Åh - jeg får bestandig lyst til å sette meg ned å lage noe når jeg ser dine tutorials eller bare noe du har laget! Håper det blir kurs med deg på Papirfesten til høsten!:o)
    Musikktips er det dårlig med, for jeg trenger viiirkelig noen tips til nye musikk sjøl! *klem*


  8.'> 2:31 PM

    Cool projects. The top one is my favorite. I love butterflies. I have really enjoyed your posts! Glad I was directed your way! Thanks again for a chance at the giveaway!


  9. Trude Julie Said,'> 2:38 PM

    Du og du så kule lerreter du har dekorert, får jammen lyst til å dekorere noen selv :D
    Musikktips, hmmm, i det siste har det blitt hørt en del på Florence + the Machine, Nouvelle Vague, Pink Martini samt Imogen Heap. Men er som deg på utkikk etter ny musikk (Marina and the Diamonds + Ellie Goulding er visst tips om nye, hotte artister - har ikke fått sjekka de ut riktig enda (skal se om jeg ikke får lagd og delt en spilleliste i Spotify snart)) .



  10. Kathrine Said,'> 2:50 PM

    Du er så flink med canvaser! Jeg fikk litt lyst å leke med noen av de jeg har stuet vekk her et sted. Jeg hører mye på D'sound for tiden, regner ikke med det er et spesielt hot tips :P


  11. Jana Eubank Said,'> 3:21 PM

    I've never tried a canvas before, but these make me want to. CUTE! Love the felt and ribbon ruffle accents!


  12. Catrine Said,'> 3:24 PM

    Nå fikk jeg lyst til å løpe ut og shoppe lerreter og dekorere! Tusen takk for masse tips og inspirasjon (as always!)!
    Dårlig med musikktips herfra dessverre... Hjemme liker jeg stillhet og i bilen hører jeg på radio. ;)


  13. Jingle Said,'> 3:35 PM

    These are so super fun! I am seriously inspired to run home and make one..and...I totally have a blank canvas that needs to be loved! As far as music goes...well, my favorite song is by The Blessing and it is called Delta Rain. I also have really been loving Honey Honey lately. Like tons.


  14.'> 3:37 PM

    Love the canvas art! These are very cute!
    I love listening to American Idol downloads from itunes. I like a variety of songs and I download the studio versions which are very good. I have a lot of the downloads from last year.


  15.'> 3:49 PM

    Beautiful canvases! I really like how you use your Glimmer Mist on your projects. I don't use my Glimmer Mist enough! Your Halloween canvas is awesome! My playlist is a bit heavy/hard but love to listen to Pink, Train, Nickelback, Lady Gaga and Kate Perry.


  16. Paola Said,'> 3:55 PM

    Beutiful! your canvas are fantastic!I love the stiched ribbon.


  17. Kari D. Said,'> 4:37 PM

    Love the canvases. can't wait t try one!


  18. LRH Said,'> 4:49 PM

    Love the canvas projects! I always see them at Michae's and I never know what to do with them. Thanks for the inspiration. Right now I'm listening to Matt Hires. He's from Florida and 22.


  19. Lene Said,'> 6:26 PM

    I have several canvases sitting around waiting to be adorned =). They're quite intimidating, I think.
    Love the look of the pleated ribbon around the edge!!!


  20. Janine Said,'> 6:29 PM

    I love the canvases!! And I love to actually do them as well :-)! Thanks for the great tutorial!! Right now I'm listening to the new album from Amy McDonald - it's cool!


  21. idahorhodes Said,'> 6:31 PM

    Love the mini cancas. I have some bigger ones I need to get done. I like evanescence, but they are a little gloomy. Otherwise I mostly listen to classical. Love anything with a violin in it! Thanks for the giveaway!


  22. Lythan Said,'> 6:50 PM

    love those mini canvases! I listen to story CD' when I am crafting but at any other time it is MUSE all the way!


  23. Ann Cicilie Said,'> 7:38 PM

    Veldig stilig! Utrolig god idé til et miniprosjekt når man har lyst til å være kreativ, men ikke så lyst til å scrappe en vanlig layout eller kort. Tror da også eldstejenta her i huset ville satt pris på et par fargerike av slagsen:)


  24. gudrun Said,'> 7:50 PM

    Hærlige lerret-bilder du har lagd :)
    Tusen takk for inspirasjonen :) :)


  25. lillesmor Said,'> 8:21 PM

    Kjempekule lerreter, og lurer nå på om jeg skal la være å legge ut all filten min til salgs likevel... Digget den øverste + dinoen, og fikk lyst til å lage noen til guttungens rom! (må bare skaffe sånne små lerreter først).

    Liker godt å høre på Kråkesølv om dagen, og synes det er digg med litt norske tekster;-)


  26. Haberdawoman Said,'> 8:53 PM

    And yet another cool tutorial! Thanks for sharing this one with us.
    I would love to give you a fun music link but being the mom of 6 and 3 year old grils I'm afraid that the only thing I am stuck listenning to is Celina Gomez, Miley Cirus, Radio Disney, Jonas Brothers...well you get the point : ) Good luck to all the ladies!


  27. Malin/malwa Said,'> 9:29 PM

    Totally adorable canvases! The dino-ones I *so* liked!

    No Spotify-links, but my favve-music at the moment is Takida - and, as for the past 20 years, Bob Marley...


  28. Scrapamum Said,'> 10:13 PM

    My favorite song at the moment is Breath by Pearl Jam. I love it. Other than that I'm a bit out of the loop too. My main music seems to come from the children's section.


  29. Eli Said,'> 10:16 PM

    Den ble jo flott den Ania; og jeg er fremdeles imponert over syingen av båndet. Det gikk jo så kjapt! (kanskje jeg er lett å imponere men ;) ) Kjempegøy å se den ferdig :) Og musikk ja; vi er vel enig om at der også er smaken vår veldig forskjellig *fnis* Hører på P4 jeg; det er jo fryktelig spennende ;) KLEM


  30. Jennifer Said,'> 10:24 PM

    Beautiful canvas! Tyrone Wells is top on my list now - he just released a new CD last week. Love him!


  31. Ann Hedvig Said,'> 11:43 PM

    Det er her du ligger langt foran meg i det å dekorere Ania, hadde stoppet etter rub-onsen og båndet jeg.... Og så legger du på flere lag, og det blir bare kjempestilig!!

    Sjekk ut Baseballs, da går husarbeidet i en fei :o)


  32.'> 11:43 PM

    My fav playlist at the moment is Amy MacDonald "This is the Life" and Gun "Taking on the World", "Swagger" and "Gallus". They are all on ITunes. The canvas is great and I think you should be a good mummy!


  33.'> 11:54 PM

    Happy Blog Anniv!!! thanks for always sharing your work with us!!! and that blog candy is pure sweetness!!! Music.... lately, Im so fond of listening to Korean music... i dont understand it... but i love the sound of it... it makes me feel relax... you might want to check this out... its one of my faves at the moment.
    happy listening!
    -cookie a.


  34.'> 12:26 AM

    love the cute little dinosaur canvases. A few of them in a boys room would jazz it up a bit! Awesome work, thanks for all the tutorials.


  35.'> 1:02 AM

    Never worked on canvas. I love the first one. Music I love listening to are from Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift--quite a huge difference in music between the two, but they appeal to me!!


  36. Tonya Said,'> 2:33 AM

    I just listen to top 100. I love using pandora radio online.


  37. Blooberry56 Said,'> 3:58 AM

    totally adorable!!! i LOVE the first sample you gave. i've never messed with canvas...maybe i'll have to!


  38. joyce rodli Said,'> 7:36 AM

    The canvases are awesome Ania. Happy happies.


  39. Kristine Said,'> 9:27 AM

    Disse var kjempefine! Jeg har kjøpt mange sånne fra søstrene Grene, men de har bare blitt brukt av ungene til å male på, har aldri tenkt på at man kan bruke scrappe-greier til å dekorere med! Må prøves:)

    Er nok litt dårlig med musikktips herfra også - min musikksmak er vel ganske kjedelig.. Det går i p3 i bilen, og stort sett veldig komersiell musikk ellers... Favoritten for tiden er "Bad Things" fra True Blood. Skulle gjerne delt en spotify liste eller to, men kan ikke bruke spotify på jobb - bortsett fra offline på mobilen, og jeg vet ikke hvordan man finner linken derfra. Men jeg tar ofte en tur hit for å finne ny musikk:


  40. Wenche Said,'> 11:00 AM

    Så utrolig stilig, MÅ få kasta meg over lerretene jeg kjøpte for en evighet siden, men som bare har blitt liggende. Nå fikk jeg kjempelyst til å herje med de. hmm musikk.. for tida hører jeg Muse, og når ungene og jeg skal få litt fart på beina så guffer vi på med Single ladies (skikkelig easy listening, men såååå moro)


  41. Ellis Said,'> 12:32 PM

    The one with the bits of lyrics was really cool! =)
    I have worked with minicanvas, but mostly decoupage but last time I used glimmermist too! =)
    Favorite music: Breaking Benjamin, Three Doors Down, Barenaked Ladies, Hardcore Superstar.
    Hugs, Elenor


  42. Terra Said,'> 2:22 PM

    I love the canvas idea, I am looking forward to trying it out myself. I really like the first one with the pleated ribbon very cute. My favorite music is anything country. Thanks for all the giveaways.


  43. ~Isabell~ Said,'> 2:56 PM

    fy søren du lager så ufattelig mye diggbart. Elsker disse små bildene du har laget. Hmmm, en av mine favoritt sanger for tiden er russian roulette med rhinna=)Ha en strålende helg



  44. connie Said,'> 3:09 PM

    I have never used canvas. Love the Halloween one. My favorite music is Country. Thanks for a chance to win.


  45. Cecilie Said,'> 5:37 PM

    Så utrolig stilig med de canvas prosjektene. Det skal jeg jammen meg prøve en dag.
    Og for en UTROLIG candy... Må jo bare slenge meg med på denne. ( i siste lita )
    Favoritt musikken om dagen er; topp liste musikken, ergo RADIO!!! hehe


  46.'> 7:33 PM

    Hvor er de flotte! Og suuuper candy.

    Jeg lytter oftest til enten L.O.C. (dansk rapper), Volbeat (dansk rock) eller jazz - ja, jeg har en bred smag :-P


  47. Pink Heather Said,'> 7:33 PM

    Gorgeous canvas. How hard was it to apply the rubon to canvas?
    I love listening to 80's rock when I'm scrapping. Does that age me? LOL


  48. Zoa Said,'> 8:36 PM

    love it! i always want to make a canvas, but then I get intimidated I guess... so it never happens. so silly, i know!

    i like listening to Jason Mraz or Norah Jones when I scrap- I guess the jazzy-ness of their music doesn't compete with my brain's attention while I am trying to create!

    Happy Bloganniversary again- and thanks for the fun tutorials and giveaways!!


  49. Staci Taylor Said,'> 6:04 PM

    You are SO creative, girl! Those canvases are fantastic!!


  50. Sheena Said,'> 12:59 PM

    these canvases are amazing x
    Have you watched/listened to GLEE , I really recommend it x
    Sheena x


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