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Maybe-not-really-20-something-anymore from Norway who likes to scrapbook and take photos documentarystyle and dreams of photojournalism when not working as a photojournalist and that's pretty much what this blog is about. And I like it this way.

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Been scrapbooking since late fall 2005. Currently fortunate enough to be a part of the design teams for Hambly Screenprints, Fancy Pants Designs and Pencil-Lines. ♥


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~~ Playing with colors + best speech ever ~~

Posted by Ania On Sunday, July 01, 2012 1 lovely comments

Just wrapped up all my CHA projects for Maya Road (hooray!). Wish I could share them like, now…I hate it when I work on lots of new stuff (and which I’m, I’ll admit, am fairly satisfied about) yet is prevented from immediate sharing!


So I thought I’d share something I’m working on atm instead! Got a nifty selection of various pen and such from Faber Castell through Maya Road, and I must say – I think I am in love with the gelato pen! Just testing my waters atm, no idea how you’re like, supposed to use these – but I don’t mind. I love the random results! :D (I mixed it w/iridescent gold mist on my Craft Origine stamp here)


I’d also like to share this video of Neil Gaimans commencement speech to the University of Arts class of 2012. It’s good. It’s so good that I had to watch it twice in a row. Imposters syndrome? Oh, totally check. Make good art? Will try & check. Stop worrying and start enjoying? Am trying, check!


Neil Gaiman adresses UoA 2012


Really. You won't regret listening in to this speech. Enjoy.

Ps. Here’s the link to the same speech – only with subtitles. In like, 12 different languages.


Oh, and btw…



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~~ Merry Belated Christmas! & stuff… ~~

Posted by Ania On Tuesday, December 27, 2011 4 lovely comments
So. We sorta suck at doing the obligatory Christmas-greetingcards & stuff (Yes. Even if I do create stuff. Even though I do love receiving these – thank you so so very much!!!).
So this year we’re gonna start a new tradition (we think).

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Psst. Y’all able to see this vid? It’s sorta only available for those with the link, so I’m not sure if it works to display it like this on the blog…?

Ps2: Ok, apparently at least one couldn´t see it, not sure why..but here´s the directlink, it should work:
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~~ a lil gift ~~

Posted by Ania On Monday, October 06, 2008 3 lovely comments

A lil gift for someone special.
Well. I was just gonna make a card (my husbands great-aunt turning 75 and all) but as I had some cookies lying around here I thought it'd make a nice treat aswell. It's still a card, just wrapped over a ziplockbag w/some yummilicous cookies ;p

Materials used: Prima papers, flowers & bling. Fancy Pants chipboard, Tim Holtz cracklepaint, glimmermist, American Crafts thickers.

And because I'm really really obsessive about this album..
(can't recall the last time when I was this thrilled about someones new album...maybe like way back in my NKOTB-days??? Ugh don't hold that against me please! ;p)

I am joining that one week-docuthingie "everybody" are doing atm. Starting today cause for us Norwegians a new week starts with Monday. I think I'll do a summarythingie though, like Ellen did - so next Monday then for my uneventful week in photos! Writing it here now cause when I've "promised" it here I have to keep it uh??
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~~ Some weddingphotos, part one ~~

Posted by Ania On Wednesday, September 17, 2008 3 lovely comments
The recipients of these weddingphotos finally got their photos the other day, and seemed happy enough for them. So I guess it's about time to show some of them. Now remember..I am still learning (obviously)... and I know I have a lot to learn....I am still at the stage where I just love to take photos photos photos and more photos -- hoping that at least some of them will turn out okay. Where the equipment, composition and/or lighting fails (or way more likely..the photographer..cough cough), I pray photoshop will help me out. More work for me, but hey, I do enjoy this so why not. Right. Nuff babbling - over to the photos. There's something about the preparations to a wedding that makes me go *sigh* The little girl in me simply loves the makeupsession...I think it's quite fascinating...dreamy, beautiful and emotional..knowing what is coming soon....the excitement...ah.. =) I arrived in the middle of the session though - because I had just arrived w/plane - so I missed out on the hairrolling-stuff. Bummer. Love that part =)

And the putting on the gown-part and the lacing and t the backs of these gorgeous gowns....ahh...lovesit..

I like Perez Hilton. He keeps diggin up those nice songs I've almost forgotten about. Like Metallicas "Unforgiven". Here's Stefanie Heinzmanns pretty fresh & cool take on this song, plus Metallicas original one. I think I like both :) Note to self. Find out more about Stefanie Heinzmann.

Ps. Diehard Metallica-fans..don't hit me. I really do like her version!

Psps! Totally Rad Actions are giving away samples from both TRA 1 and 2. YAY! Check them out here :D
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~~ New Pencil-Lines :) ~~

Posted by Ania On Sunday, June 15, 2008 12 lovely comments

Love 6x12. Love this layout. LOVE DUDE! Not sure why but it seems like taking piccies outside really gets the red hue saturated. Boggle. Ohwell. This is for Pencil-Lines #89 :)

Materials include: PP: American Crafts, Prima and Luxe, Transparencies: Hambly, Stickers (Scenic Route), Bazzill thread, Making Memories stickers.

Have been alone this weekend, my husband drove 7 hours to attend his cousins new babys' Christening. I so wish I and the children could join them (he drove with his mother and brother) - but alas - driving for 14 hours total in two days with the kids - nuh-uh... *sigh* Hope we get to see the little boy this summer too - he's too adorable on piccies.
Ahwell - we have been enjoying ourselves, me and the kiddos, making smarties-and-oreo-milkshake and watching Cinderella 3 on the Disney Channel (say, what's wrong with just making a new movie instead of doing stupid prequels??). The kids have also been jumping on the trampoline despite the rain and chilliness yesterday and today they brought several buckets with water to pour on the trampoline so they could jump and get wet at the same time - weirdos.... ahwell, kids :p Kinda miss my camera - I let my husband borrow it :p (ofcourse I saw a number of photooppotunities here now that I don't have my cam...figures!)

In addition to listening to Jason Mraz all weekend I've also found some old lovely songs, like Dolly Partons "Coat of many colors" (so beautiful!) and Marilyn Monroes "Bye bye baby" (sooooo loved that movie when I was a child :) ). Also on repeat: Duffy (I'm scared, Warwick Avenue) and Scarlett Johanssons "Falling Down" which is actually pretty good (but also the only song I really liked from her..for now anyways :p).

Anyways. Feel free to check out "Bye bye baby" below, from the movie "Gentlemen prefers blondes" - love Marilyn Monroe, totally love her voice (so soft & silky & girlish & mesmerizing .. and her look and all that - love the soft expressions on her face - so full of emotions) and love how they duoed her and Jane Russel in this movie.

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~~ fave artist atm... ~~

Posted by Ania On Wednesday, June 11, 2008 1 lovely comments
So. My PC is up and running but experiencing some occasional problems..which should be troubleshooted & hopefully eliminated soon... the graphic-card (GeForce 8800GT) is performing okayish I guess, although it keeps getting pretty heated up when running Age of Conan...which is solved by upping the fans performance a bit higher than the manufactured 25% (Atm it's running okayish at 60%). Age of's playable for sure, just reached level 20 and got out from the newb island ready to play in the "real world" ...we'll see how this goes :) In the two days I have played I have fallen in the water like four times and gotten stuck three times, once so stuck that even the /stuck command didn't work so I had to husband thinks it's an amazing feat of mine cause he's been playing this game for a few weeks already and just doesn't get how I do that :)

Anyways. I *think* the calibration of the monitor went well in the end (I am using Spyder2Express for calibrating), but as I still haven't gotten my PS over on this PC I can't tell for sure yet.. I miss editing!! Have so many piccies that awaits......

Ohwell. Such a boring post - sorry! It's just that I like to share whats on my mind and right now it's that ;P

So - I just discovered Jason Mraz - well, I saw him appearing on MAD tv a few years ago, noted that I liked his style but never checked him out closer kinda, but now I have and YAY I love him!! He has a new album out - "We sing, we dance, we steal things" and he's actually in Norway July 4th (In Oslo - BUMMER!!!!!!!). I love love love these songs of his; "Lucky" (beautiful sweet and mellow duet with Colibe Caillat), "I'm yours" (quirky and funky) and the old song "Wordplay" (even more the musicvid :D) (also, check out "Geek in Pink").

Below are some YouTube vids of the abovementioned songs :) Do check them out.....enjoy :)

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~~ Snicker ~~

Posted by Ania On Wednesday, February 27, 2008 8 lovely comments

*snicker* Heard at home:

Daddy: Is daddy best?
Amalie: Noooooo!
Daddy: Is mommy best?

Amalie: NO!

Amalie: AMALIE best!

Full of herself that little one eh? :p
She got us good, we just cracked at her statement haha :D She's also been starting to show some real pixie-moves... like...she knows she's doing something she's not allowed to but she just keeps grinning and eyeing us like she wanna tell us "yeah dare me!" and thinks (knows??) she can get away just by her charms!

Ohwell - my mom's coming today and staying for a few days. It's Adrians birthday tomorrow you see, and she loves being around when it's his bday. It's a grandma thing :p

Anyways. Figured I'd show some peeks on this coming sundays Pencil-Lines sketch - I don't think it looks good scanned/photographed and I am a bit annoyed by that - but the closeups kinda helps showing how nice it actually is kinda. And drop by Scrappedugnad - today was Catrines turn to post and she did some fabby canvases! (yeah - Nowegian only, sorry!)

Remember this? When Sarah Silverman surprised her host-show-bf with this clip:
(not suitable for work or kids I guess...depends..)

Well - he got back at her with this - hahahaha (fast forward to the 2min mark if you wanna skip the blabla):

Pappa: Er pappa best?
Amalie: Neeeeiiii

Pappa: Er mamma best?

Amalie: Neeeeeii

AMalie: AMALIE best!

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~~ Random Cuteness of the Day ~~

Posted by Ania On Wednesday, February 13, 2008 6 lovely comments

Aww will you look at that! Amalie's hands down fave doll/plush-toy (whatever you call this..teddy?? it's a bunny...! And yes it's dirty well-worn!) - the bunny - has got a new best friend :) She got the carebear for Christmas (from her cousins...I think..*blush*) - and she didn't care (haha) for him until she got to see the DVD that followed with the bear - then she started liking him. Kids eh. It was a cute surprise walking into the bathroom finding these two sitting nicely together methinks - had to snap a photo :)

I reworked my header this morning. Figured the empty chair kinda was a little boring...but was too lazy to make an entirely new header - so I just slapped this photo on the old one along with a new quote.

I've been a bit into Marit Larsen (former M2M) lately...check it out below..."Only a fool"'s very cute...this is an audio-only version as I don't think she's made a video yet :) And if you check out "This time Tomorrow" - doesn't sound a little bit like Tori Amos?? I also found another old song I totally totally love - the duet between Nathalie Nordnes and Sondre Lerche - Good times - unfortunately it's not out on youtube afaik (I think they did this duet at some live television thing some years ago at least) look for that song if you're able to tho and lemme know where to get it, I love it! Used to play it over and over and over again in the car on the way to the summerplace :) (hey did you know that Sondre Lerche and Regina Spektor have done a duet together too?? Cool! :D)

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~~ What makes it Christmas ~~

Posted by Ania On Tuesday, December 18, 2007 3 lovely comments

Sick child, broken car & random hospital appointments = me not able to do too much these days. Ohwell. I did get to wrap up my last pencillines-layouts for this year++ - don't have anymore PL-stuff to do until far into January :) Wrapping up another assignment atm then I just have the jan Bad Girl kit to do over the holidays and I believe I'll have at least first half of january free for any SB-related assignments - ahhh! Gonna plan and line up some class-samples for 2008-classes methinks - got some fun and interesting stuff I hope to be able to share soon about upcoming stuff - just need to get stuff 100% confirmed :) Oh and I managed to sneak in a non-assignmentlayout! Yay! :p Had to make a layout about Siljes candymail - the kids really did think it was so exciting and cool to get candy in the mail haha...esp Adrian who understood a little more than Amalie who's just concerned about "candy - eat now!" - and not really where the candy comes from :p

Showing photos of Amalie: first one of her thinking we're making noises when we were fixing things in the livingroom with a hammer :p She loves demostrating we're making noises and that she so disapporoves! The second one is with her little pony which she got from grandma when we were at Ål - she loves the Pony and her rabbit - the rabbit gets to go with her everywhere outside the house while the pony gets to stay home: "goodbye horsie!" - poor us if she's not able to find the horse to say goodbye to!

Sidenote: Pictures from the UNICEFs Photo of the Year 2007. Really urge you all to have a look at all the photos and their stories. So many beautiful and sad photos, and some just intriguing ones...

By the way, what makes it Christmas to you?
Well, this song is among the little things making christmas Christmas to me kinda :)
(Fairytale of New York - the Pogues & Kristy MacColl)

And while we're on the subject of old songs (they're the best ones hm?) - here's another fave of mine (not Christmas-related :p) - Moonlight Shadow by Mike Oldfield :)

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~~ On the first day of Christmas... ~~

Posted by Ania On Thursday, December 13, 2007 11 lovely comments true love gave to me,
a Partdridge in a Pear Tree...

Oh yes. We're totally doing the twelve days of Christmas (I kinda like this one - it's at least definately shorter than "99 bottles of beer"...:p) over at Bad Girls. I was banging my head on the wall over this one for two days or so... kinda knew I wanted to do a Maya Road birdie (which Ive grown to love - soooo cute!) but I wanted it to be kinda "more" than just that.... then I emptied my gluedot-roll and was like....ooh...what if I put this into that..... and tada.... kinda cool Christmas Tree Ornament!! I even used the Bad Girls Decemberkit on this one too and had one extra empty roll to make two (hoarder anyone? :p) :) I've attached a "how-to" on the Bad Girls message board - basically just dress the ring and the birdie (remember two wings - one for each sides) and tie it up using small buttons as uhm, "stoppers".

So what else has happened in Happy Christmasland of mine since last time? Well. Ive got two more walls painted. Fun I know ;p. I attended a school-event for my kid - mother in law was so kind to attend aswell (hubs could not go :p) so I was free to take piccies!! Wohoo!! Taking pictures in the dark was so much easier than I expected!! I'm serious - a lot of the photos I came home with didn't really need any editing at all - I was both surprised and amazed about that (well ok, RAW files but still....pretty much no tweaking needed to several of the photos. Cool! Well, maybe a lil tweaking of the wb but not that much cause I really like the orange glow - makes it more alive and realistic). Adrian was excited holding a real torch while Amalie was a tad more sceptical about the whole thing and hung to her Winnie-teh-Pooh-lights. We brought hot chocolate in a termos too as we were outside for a good while that evening. Oh and may I just say???? Adrian looks unbelieveable pretty in these pictures. So gorgeous. And I'm not sayin' this 'cause I'm his mommy...noooooonoono.... little boy is growing up so fast.. dang.

I need to paint more now then I have to wrap up a layout (I haven't scrapped in three days!!) and hopefully bake more old trad. food. Oh, and a new RAK post is up at Scrappedugnad - this one a very fun one from Ingunn - lol - I guess one of the answers are way easier than the others ;)

Ps! Ey did you see!?! W00t!!!! Word of the year! W00T! haha. (ok, I love sayin woot, but usually with normal o's :p) Yeah - finally |337 speak is something like that :p

ps2! I'm HOOKED on Gossip Girl these days! *blush* I think it when you think these boys are so pretty intriguing and then notice how much younger than you they are and it makes you old and uh like.....more old!

ps3! Scroll way down for some real amusing YouTube-vids about where Santas really comes from. Really. Teehee. Not really suitable for children I guess.....maybe....i dunno..:P

Har laget litt juletrepynt og ellers tatt med guttungen og Amalie på fakkeltog på skolen - gikk herfra med alle de andre folka og ned til skolen og greier. Snille svigermor var med så jeg var "fri" til å kunne ta disse bildene ;) Ble overraskende fine disse bildene - veldig gøy å ta bilder av fakkeltog og greier :) Adrian fikk holde ordentlig fakkel mens Amalie holdt Ole Brumm-lommelykten sin ;) Og så hadde vi med varm kakao i termos - noe barna satte veldig pris på for det trakk jo litt ut nede på skolegården :)

ps. Idag har mormor bursdag - 92 år - hurra!! Kort på vei til mormor! (jada mamma ;p)

Ps. You ever wondered where those pro Santas are coming from? Or even how they're turned into jolly good Santas? Well, wonder no more!

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~~ Holy Shit! ♥♥♥ Gwen Stefani!! ~~

Posted by Ania On Friday, November 16, 2007 3 lovely comments
OOookaaay swwoooon.....Gwen's newest single/video is out....."Early Winter"...this is so TOTALLY my fave from that album....this along with "4 in the morning" which kinda sets me back to when I was young and I'm not young anymore ;p

Anyways...wish I could work these smoky eyes...:p

Ps. Stay tuned for a Photoshop-post later soon as I finish it....:)

Early Winter:

4 in the morning:

Ps. Friend of mine is doin a survey about Lexus due to an assignment at school. Feel free to complete it - it only takes about a minute or two if you're bored enough. And yeah it's a nice friend - it's the guy who allowed me and my family to crash his place (or rather, his moms place ;p) this summer in Vienna (yes he's from Austria but goes to school in Switzerland :p) :)
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~~ TOO FUNNY!! (if you know/like PJ) ~~

Posted by Ania On Friday, November 02, 2007 2 lovely comments

Ok, moved from Guns'n'Roses to Pearl Jam; this is just tooo hilarious!!!!
*roflroflrofl* (ok, only funny if you know the song in advance I's the lyrics. Eddie's kinda the mumbling kind of guy even when singing :p) Oh, while on the subject of PJ; My favesong: Last Kiss. Must. Hear.

Ok. For Bad Girls Novemberlayouts; scroll down :)
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