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Happy Rainy Easter..

Posted by Ania On Sunday, April 16, 2006

Don't you hate it when the weather turns really bad and ruins your holidayplans? *sigh*
Ohwell...staying inside ain't that bad, and besides, we got to see "Iceage 2" yesterday, which was pretty amusing (giev the squirrel more screentime!!) and especially fun to watch since it was Adrians first real movie at the cinemas (trying to get him to watch "Brother Bear" at the cinemas wasn't a very good idea as he left terrified after 10 minutes and refused to go back in...and the Pooh movie "Heffalump" he found so scary at times that he spent like half the movie hidden either under or behind the chairs.....

Anyways...Amalie is now one week from turning one year old. That's weird. Time really flies, and I've been looking at the old pictures where she was soooo tiny and now she's soo ....big...even though she's still a least mine..... *turns really mommyish over the whole thing*

Also...I've been pondering.....Simen says I'm my own worst critic, but really....I love my hobby, and I *know* I'm not as good as those who's really good and manages to keep high quality over their layouts every single time, but....I am not that bad either am I? I'm starting to doubt myself at times, especially when I upload them to various galleries and people go 'nice LO' at 90% of the LO's in the galleries which....well...there's always something nice to say about a LO, but that's such a plain, anonymous thing to say and kinda compares all the LO's with each others even though they're clearly of various quality sorta..? Hm... I'm torn here, because I know how it is being newish and not having much experience nor stuff to make cool/nice LO's and still it was nice having someone comment your LO saying it's nice even though you knew inside it wasn't really all that...not compared to the really nice things most of the other people made.... but still.....comparing my current ones to these kind of LOs.....would that mean that mine aren't really all that still, after all? :/

Ugh, hard to tell, and I don't really mean to sound conceited or anything, really bugs me because I feel that I've come to the point where I'm able to make average nice LO's, with above average nice LO's now and then. So yeah, it bugs me when I feel people compare them with way less than average LO's...because that's what I feel they are doing, when just saying 'nice LO' to almost everything...kinda....:S At least I personally try and specify what's nice with a LO...kinda shows you actually did take a closer look at someones LO....kinda...

But then again. I was satisfied with my older LO's, which I now think are 'duh, I sure woudln't have made these nowdays would I?' in....I think that as I grow and get more experience with this hobby I start feeling less satisfied with older LO's as I am with current ones, which means in a few months I wouldn't be as satisfied with my current ones as I am now....? Hm.

Jeje.....above is a LO I just made at random (yeah I know, the red color of the hearts aren't as red IRL, but still off compared to the rest of the LO), and the two LO's below are scraplifts.

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