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~~ Photosession: Eli & fam ~~

Posted by Ania On Thursday, November 18, 2010

NB: Hrm. Not satisfied w/how LiveWriter handles images and sharpness, which's pretty evident in these images (it distorts rather than maintain the websharpened images). Will have to try to look into that when I get home, forgot about this problem when presceduling these images. Sorry!

Last week I had a photosession with Eli and her adorable family (which resulted in a nightmare, mind you Smile with tongue out). She had booked Ole Henriks studio (OK Foto). Here’s some of the more fun outtakes. Smile

I so need to get that frame fixed – I’m thinking…gold…black…silver…turquoise?

Look at that handsome young man! Open-mouthed smile

This is a bit adorable as well, don’t ya think? Smile

Eli’s mother also joined us.

The green one’s mine, the turquoise is Eli’s.

The more kids in one frame the less easier is it to get them to play nice and smile. But seriously – who’d want a “sit-still-and-smile” picture when you can get one like this; full of life and feelings? Smile

Eli being mean and showing off her nails Smile with tongue out

Too adorable Smile

Wrapping up with one of the (few) proper images Smile with tongue out Kids I tell ya! Smile with tongue out

I gotta admit - I don't really "feel" studio-photographing is "me". Yes, it's a fun variation from how I usually shoot - it's not like I'm shooting in studio like, all the time, so in that retrospect it's nice to have the chance to learn more (although I am still nervous in studio, leaning towards the safe instead of daring to experiment w/the lighting - I mean - I'm not there for me, but those being But shooting safe is just that. It's quite easy. Yes - I am sure those who know lightning amongst you will snort and go pfft because safe is boring and not what lightning is about and lightning is about shadows (to which I do agree) and I'm doing rookie mistakes I don't even see myself, and I know).

Still, shooting docustyle is more me - I am more comfortable when I do these sessions because I feel more confident that I am good at the close to impossible, hopeless lightingssituations, I know I can work around this and Ahwell. Didn't mean to digress really, because every time I get to photograph in a studio I am happy because experience is the key to feeling confident and start experimenting more..methinks. Anyways!

Hope you enjoyed your pressie, Eli! Smile

Ps: To those w/D700 out there, do you experience trouble w/the images being overly magentaish? I'm fixing most of that post-procession for photosessionimages, but am wondering if it's just me metering wrong or if it's indeed a "feature" of the camera/processor.

5 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Photosession: Eli & fam ~~'

  1. Lene S Said,'> 11:31 AM

    Supre bilder! Dyktig du Ania :) Morsomt å følge bloggen din, du oppdatrerer ofte og jeg finner alltid noe fint/morsomt/interessant å lese, og ikke minst å se på :)

    (Og så flott familie du har, Eli!)


  2. mo9ca Said,'> 11:49 AM

    For noen flotte bilder du har tatt Ania!! Mange blinkskudd, og mange herlige situasjoner! Digger sånne utradisjonelle fotografbilder!! Har sagt det før; du er superdyktig!!!

    Ha en fin dag videre!


  3. ninabakke Said,'> 1:03 PM

    Morsomme bilder :)


  4. Eli Said,'> 2:20 PM

    Tusen takk for presangen vennen; satte veldig pris på at du ville være med oss og ta bilder og redigere etterpå. Du er en knupp!! :) Og det var absolutt mest sånne uhøytidelige bilder; vi har litt vansker med å være alvorlige over lang tid *fnis* (og jeg syns rammen er kul som den er jeg; det viser at den er der men tar ikke masse fokus - som jeg tror den vil gjøre om den er turkis i alle fall. Helt sikkert kult med annen farge på den men jeg er glad for at vi fikk låne den som den er :) )

    KLEM <3


  5.'> 1:02 AM

    Great photos!


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