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~~ Itty bitty things & some favorites atm ~~

Posted by Ania On Tuesday, December 06, 2011


Right now there’s a Simple Stories exchange thingie with Maya Road, which means we get to play with their products combined with Maya Road stuff. Here’s what I created for it – an itty bitty gift (this one was fun to make! Both the gift itself and the embellished wrapping). And as usual with these product exchanges, there’s chances to win stuff! :)


I thought I’d share my favorites atm – right now this crystal star pin is a HUGE favorite from Maya Road. I so need more of these! *loves*

Maya Road products: Vintage wood spools, Trinket pins (crystal star), Mixed Blossom Mini Chipboard, Small Organza Roses ribbon (Olive), Mini Ticket Strip Transparencies (White), Snowflake Clear Stamps. Simple Stories products: 25 Days of Christmas Collection Pack.


See the star pin once again? Yepyep!
Another product favorite: Crackled accents (the ones I’m using are from Ranger), as used on the butterfly here! Both the bottle/tube one called crackle accents and the distress crackle paint – rock candy (the other crackle paint types are utterly cool aswell).


Truly adore these cute mini wooden spools :)

Maya Road products: Kraft Envelopes - Decorative, Butterfly Chipboard, Trinket Beads, Trinket Pin (Crystal Star), Wood Mini Spools, Cherry Red Glitter. Simple Stories products: 25 Days of Christmas Collection Pack.


If you would like more Christmassy inspo, Prima has a whole post dedicated to Christmas cards atm. Here’s my contribution to that one =)



Once again distress paint was used – this time on these roses. Not sure if it shows too well on the photo (note to self: need macro lens!), but – it’s pretty cool irl :)

Product List:

  • #843281- North Country- Forest Notes
  • #843267- North Country- In The Forest
  • #551339- Say It In Crystals
  • #553289- Coventry Rose- North Country
  • #550448- Toggle- Quirky
  • Ranger Ink: Distress Crackle Paint-Rock Candy, Distress Ink- Vintage Photo


Another favorite, or perhaps I should say a must, is the Raisen’s from Glue Arts. I use it on seriously pretty much everything, burning through my stack atm :/ It’s like pop up glue dots, invisible and of perfect thickness to give a subtle dimension…and so far it’s been pretty darn sticky aswell :)


Disclaimer: yes yes, I’m on the dt of a few but not all of the products’ manufacturers mentioned as my faves. Still allowed to share which products of theirs which’s my fave atm, no? :)

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4 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Itty bitty things & some favorites atm ~~'

  1. pattyo Said,'> 1:08 AM

    Your gift box and cards are beautiful! I love these products you shared.


  2. rosemary Said,'> 7:55 AM

    the itty bitty gift is so darling, I love the combination of string, lace, pin, wood, etc... the little bits. And nice instagram photo on your twitter side bar. Looks like an absolute blizzard!


  3. Solfrid Said,'> 11:44 PM

    Så flotte ting! De stjernene var skikkelig lekre. :)


  4.'> 8:41 AM

    Very nice gift box.I liked it and i will share it with others too.
    retouche de photos


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