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~~ Cards of 2012 ~~

Posted by Ania On Saturday, December 29, 2012

In no particular fave 10 cards for 2012..



See the largest flower on the card? One of my fave flowers from Prima, and one that I’m hoarding…sigh..need to use more…it’s so pretty! Also, weaving a paper heart is pretty and yields a very cute look..must do that more whenever I’m outta ideas and in a hurry when creating cards!


I simply love that backgroundpaper from Prima…the postage stamp one… also, love mixing larger and smaller flowers & tickets!


Again…mixing different flowers + gems = pretty!


You don’t even have to use flower-flowers…just fuzzy cut/die cut flowers from a sheet of paper and layer them beneath something. Like on this card w/papers and stamp from Pink Paislee :)


Love that star punch from Martha Stewart…my most recent this one because it’s using papers from like, 2006 or so…classic Basic Grey :) And as (almost) always w/babycards I need to add transparency from Hambly..either the onesie one or the elephant one :)


I sort of like this one, but am not quite sure how pretty it is…it’s a bit simple…but then again…a glittery golden hexagon? Add a very minimalist (and trendy) colorscheme… Mmm..sold..


Adding this card because it’s one of those that didn’t turn as envisioned yet you sort of like it because it’s created by weird odds and ends..sorta..


Another babycard! Love this one because of the glittery star thingie here!! It totally makes the whole card!


Sure, it’s small..but pretty *smile* Also, see that canvas butterfly? One of my absolute favorites from Prima….so versatile, so handy, so pretty!


And I suppose..this really is one of my very very favorite card this year…everything clicked for this card…plus, the person who got this card is such a lovely colleague so I was truly happy that this card turned out this pretty (imho ofc ;)) for her =)

2 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Cards of 2012 ~~'

  1. Evelin Said,'> 8:38 PM

    I love all your cards! They are gorgeous!


  2. Aquarell Said,'> 11:31 PM

    Nydelig fine kort. :)


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