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~~ This one’s for you, grandma ~~

Posted by Ania On Monday, March 11, 2013


I’ve been wanting to do this mini for quite a while now..


I just haven’t dared…I mean..I knew I *had* to use the Sew Cute Mini Chipboard set from Maya Road – no doubt. Add in the measurement trim and stuff…perfect accessories to these photos:


Which is from 2006..when I visited my grandma with a pair of newly purchased pants, a tiny tad (cough) too long. No worries, grandma fixed them with her trusty, old Singer sewing machine.


At least, she helped preparing the sewing machine…
(and no, I do not think I stood there pantless taking photos of mom and grandma. I think I had the new pants in a bag when I arrived. If memory serves me right..cough..)


Nevertheless….the sewing machine worked swell..


With my mom behind, sewing…


Stamps and embellishments all from Maya Road – lovely papers from ColorCOnspiracy :) I wanted this mini to be as clean as possible, with focus on the photos inside..


As far as I am aware, grandma likes getting these little gifts from me. Well, mom keeps telling me so, urging me to send grandma more. And I wanted her to have this little album..I mean..she probably forgot about it by now, but I remember how nice it was having her old (supercool) sewing machine actually being used just for me sort of…how nice it was to be able to snap photos of her and my mom together, trying to solve this puzzle….I’m sure the sewing machine hadn’t been used for years….


Don’t you agree that these chipboards were simply just perfect for this theme? Love how coloring whitewashed chipboards makes the maya mist really shine – especially when adding glossy accent on top!


Oh, and I made the mini myself from scratch. Like. Hm. Yeah. Couldn't find a mini that fit how I wanted it so I just pulled together some papers, chipboards and adhesive…

Have a lovely week!

1 lovely comment to '~~ This one’s for you, grandma ~~'

  1. Eli Said,'> 3:31 PM

    Så flott minialbum! Målebåndet og chipboardsene er jo perfekte her; uten tvil. Heldige mormoren din :) *klem*


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