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~~ Magne + Nathalie, part 1 ~~

Posted by Ania On Sunday, April 07, 2013

So. Had to share a few wedding favorites…


You see, I had the pleasure of shooting sweet Nathalie’s wedding last night.


I’ve known Nathalie since Fall 2009, when I started at the local newspaper where I work at now. She’s always full of laugher and really is such a sweet girl. So when she asked if I wanted to shoot her wedding – well, what else could I say but yes? (after asking uh really, you want me? You sure??)


This is so, so Nathalie. She’s wearing full makeup & hair almost done, it’s like one and half hour left until she’s supposed to be at the church  – yet she insisted on doing the dishes in between so that they didn’t have to start the married life with old dishes. Haha.


Her mother did her wedding dress..I’m amazed at how well it’s done. Due to her being expecting, they had to wait with doing the finishing touches to the dress up until last minute. _D3S8980-copy

Loved seeing how happy she was walking up the aisle…she laughed and smiled and greeted people along the walk…and look at the cute flower girls & boy!


I must photobag sure steals the spotlight here..cough cough…_D3S9028-copy

Sigh. The look.


The flower girl was being curious at who I might be..


Saying I do…


Yep. They did.


Oh yeah! Totally married now!


I’ll admit..Of all the photos I took this day..this one ranks so, so, so high up… of my favorites for sure!! Haha._D3S9461-copy

With the groom being a chef (and having worked at the hotel’s top restaurant), the staff added a lot of fun touches for them in the wedding suite. _DSC2696-copy

Normally I dread when wedding clients insists that I do their formal portraits (I make sure to inform my clients I’m more of a photojournalist-photographer, not a portraitphotographer)’s so not my forté. I do feel I managed to get a few ok shots here though :)


Love this kind of portrait.


Looking dapper! And look, a bowtie! Bowties are so cool. Just ask Dr. Who!


Laidback groom.


Such a sweet couple, don’t you agree?


Now, no wedding speeches are complete without tears…


Or dance..


Or cake…


So pleased to be a part of this wedding!

Right. Time to get packed for this weeks trip! See ya around!

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  1. Eli Said,'> 8:11 AM

    Du er så flink til å fange øyeblikkene. Magisk! Heldige brudepar som får så fine bilder :) *klem*


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