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Posted by Ania On Friday, August 12, 2005 what's the big deal with karaoke? I can see that it can be somewhat fun at home with friends, preferrably after a couple of beers or whatever, and somewhat painfully fun when exposing (mostly lesser) talents at some old pub or the dreaded Danish boat, but.... what makes the Norwegian public broacast channel actually make their own TV show based on karaoke, where you can watch a bunch of random more or less known people sit, look uncomfortably into the cameras and sing along to whatever song they chose to sing....and they actually allow random people to make phonecalls and sing through the phone for whole Norway (who choses to watch anyways) to hear... whee! And yes, this is karaoke in it's purest form, non adjusted, non enchanted and whatever they do with the sound at the television...(no, it's not pretty either). And it's been going on for ten weeks.

1. I'm amazed that I've actually watched this show for more than five minutes once
2. I'm maybe more amazed that the NRK, the public broadcast channel in Norway, actually spends *our* money (we're forced to fund this channel, no expectations..well maybe the King of Norway, what do I know about it) on of entertainment which should only be watched if you have had enough to drink yourself.

I might have expected this from TV2. More likely TVN. But NRK? *boggle*

Ofcourse. I may be wrong. I might have tuned in at a bad moment. This show might actually have been great. This might be fun for more people than those attending. Maybe it's really nice to show that the love of the song is more important than someones actual ability of singing. On TV. (We got Idol too, so shrug).



I'm glad this Karaoke-TV season is over now.
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