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The Shield

Posted by Ania On Monday, February 20, 2006
Oh yes. Got to borrow The Shield season four Thursday last week, and woah, we watched the whole season within the weekend! So addictive! Was torn between wanting to save eps for the coming week, and just wanting to continue watching the show... Casting Glenn Close as the new Captain was simply a stroke of genius, she really did splendid! Too bad it was for one season only - but they've got Forrest Whitaker for season five, and I hear he's doing an even better job....can't wait until season five is out on DVD! Rumor also says it'll be the last season...
If you haven't checked out The Shield yet, it's strongly recommended - forget everything you've learned about "cop shows" - you ain't seen nothing like this one! And you'll love it! Trust me!

It's funny, I spoke with an old friend of mine who's currently working nightshifts as a janitor at a juvenile detention center in S.A., Texas ( least I assume it's in S.A unless he's in Texas anyways :p), and he insists that the reality about kids and gangs that's shown on such shows really is reality and yes, the climate is rough, kids raping and killing. A large number of the kids he watch are associated with gangs. And they're 10-17 years old. I still find it hard to believe, not being from the US and all, but at the same time ....I'm's scary... kids getting hooked up that easily....just because you're of the wrong color or from the wrong neighborhood, you're given like zero chance making it out without getting involved... *sighs* Yeah, we're not perfect either, but at least this is small small small scale here in Norway....yet..

Anyways. About my previous post about my carreer in racism (right :p), I have to say this; I have no right to really say anything about people possible judging me like I'm fearing, cause I'm doing that myself to others I don't know..funny, eh...and I really should stop worrying about that cause it's not much I can do about it either, and what does it really matter...? I know who I am. That should be good enough to me.
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