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Struggling with your children?

Posted by Ania On Thursday, February 09, 2006
Found this post, tried to translate it...dunno if the fun stuff came across....but ohwell :)

Do you struggle keeping control over your children? Then it might be a small consolidation knowing that even the almighty God didn’t even manage to keep control of his own children….

After creating heaven and earth, God created Adam and Eve. The very first thing he told them, was;

- DON’T!
- Don’t what? Adam wondered.
- Don’t eat the forbidden fruit, God said.
- Forbidden fruit? Do we have forbidden fruit? Yo, Eve, lookie! We got forbidden fruit!
- No way! She said.
- Way! He replied.
- Don’t eat the forbidden fruit, God repeated, slightly annoyed.
- How come?
- Because I’m your creator, and I say so! God told them, while silently banging his head wondering why he didn’t stop earlier, after creating the elephants.

Shortly after God caught Adam and Eve munching the apple, and he turned furious.

- Did I not tell you to NOT eat that apple? The history’s first father said.
- Yah, so you did, Adam answered, still munching the apple.
- So why did you do that?
- Dunno, Eve replied.
- She started! Adam said.
- Did not!! Eve replied.
- So did! Adam said.
- DID NOT!!! she said.

And thus God decided to punish them by giving Adam and Eve their own children.

And thus the pattern continued through all the years. So whenever you try to raise your own children with love and wisdom – to no avail – don’t push yourself too hard. If God didn’t excel at it, why should you…..
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