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It's a friggin penthouse

Posted by Ania On Wednesday, July 18, 2007

It's a friggin penthouse, originally uploaded by aniia.

Omg.. Staying at a friends place in the centrum of Vienna, he kinda forgot to mention that it's a freakin' 600kvm penthouse over two floors and with its own little garden with real green grass and all. I think I counted three bathrooms and one with just a shower..just wish there was ac here too. :p the pic shows adrian in front of "our" bathroom. Its a big walk-in shower and the kids love it already.

The carrental turned out to be a nice surprise so far, got a much bigger and nicer car than expected. Some minor problems with them thinking we cancelled our order, but it was solved in the end. Whiny amalie during the drive but that was to be expected. She's really into daddy nowdays, yells, kicks and flails if I try holding the stroller instead of him. Ohwell.

Waiting for another friend to pick us up soon for a guided trip around Vienna..tonight theyre taking us out for some operastuff. How cool is that.. I mean, this is Vienna!

-Ania mobil

5 intriguing feedbacks to 'It's a friggin penthouse'

  1. Catrine Said,'> 10:22 AM

    Så kult da!
    Kos dere masse, masse! Fortsatt god ferie! *stor klem*


  2. Lene S Said,'> 12:33 PM

    Så stilig! Kos dere videre på ferie. Og takk for omtalen i forrige post! Det var veldig hyggelig :o)


  3. Elizabeth Said,'> 9:16 PM

    Wow, høres flott ut! Deilig med sånne overraskelser. Kos dere videre. Masse!


  4. Kirsten Said,'> 8:18 PM

    Kos dere masse, gleder meg til å se bilder når du kommer hjem ;)


  5.'> 10:40 PM

    wow, sounds amazing hun!!!


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