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~~ I'm alive..~~

Posted by Ania On Friday, February 22, 2008
Gah! It's been ages since I updated here (well, only five days tbh but being me it's ages!). Sorry!
I'll just go straight to the point I guess.

Yes I have scrapped. No, not as much as I'd like. For some reason layouts keep staying on the table for 3-4 days still before being wrapped up. The exception to this was the Scrappedugnad-layout which I did at a crop. This layout was my contribution to Minnepolet at Minneriket. I hate to whine in public (well, at least when it's about serious stuff..otherwise I do like to be like, coy and complain in a..uh.. girly way tho but that really doesn't count ;p) but hm, I guess I'm allowed to vent every now and then and this time it made its way to a layout. Oh. And the challenge was about to have 500+ words in the journaling and no pictures.
When it rains like this..
And your boots turn like this..
Then it's quite nice to make yourself a hot cup of cocoa topped with cream eh? :p
(Ps. Like my new piccie-template? Made it all by myself haha. Will try to remember to use this one from now on..for piccies at least..)

I got reciepes from a Christmas-cookie-swap I recently joined. YAY!
Sooo yummy - can't wait to make these sweeties! Actually, I think I'll make the brownie one this weekend :p The swaps at Minneriket are in 6x9" and I like to make my own covers/albums when I get these. Unfortunately my own stuff got lost in the mail (1+ mo now ugh), but they were kind enough to let me get the others stuff still :)

Love this detail - a Karen Foster metal-embellishment I bought like, two and half years ago :P Bout time it got to be of some use eh?

I'm not quite sure what a keyhole and a key (both from 7gypsies) do on a cover for a reciepebook but sorta looks cute :P Secret reciepes that needs to be locked up? :p

Hmhm. Whats new? I have a headache these days - it's quite random - but it's like, always there (have been for close to two weeks by now) - sometimes it's quite silent and kind, sometimes it's banging away on my teeth or jaw or forehead or wherever it choses to bang away at. Always random and I just cannot figure out the exact location/source for it. Bleh.

I'm also doing my daily hospital-visits for the second week in a row. Nrgh. Hope I don't have to do another week - I know I have at least one more appointment next week where they're gonna decide wheter to continue this or wheter they're satisfied or whatever :(

Ohwell - have a nice weekend y'all :)

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  1. Camilla G Said,'> 12:56 AM

    åå det er så kjekt når du poster i bloggen din:) Håper virkelig ikke du må fortsette å reise til sykehuset daglig, det ødlegger sikkert mange dager å være bundet til det hver dag! Digger kokeboken, pom-pom'ene (heter det det? uansett de turkise sakene) og sømmen din. Perfekt stæsjet! Kanskje jeg skulle meldt meg på en swap en gang:) Ha en fin dag -og helg ania!


  2. Carrin Said,'> 9:39 AM

    De der bandene må jeg se å få tak i snart!! Enig med Camilla; alltid så kjekt når du poster noe nytt i bloggen din! Alltid DE bildene og nydelig lesestoff!


  3.'> 9:41 AM

    Ania, the layout is fantastic!! And so are the layouts and the project.
    Hope you feel better soon, hugs!


  4. iris Said,'> 11:23 AM

    Fantastic layout! And the recipe book looks scrumptious! Hope you are better now.


  5. tessa Said,'> 11:47 AM

    så nydelig det album coveret er!!


  6. Aquarell Said,'> 4:47 PM

    Så flott album du har laget til julesnask swapen! Kjempestilig!
    Ha en fin helg...:D


  7.'> 7:21 PM

    Nydelig LO, wow, 500 ord og null bilde, det er jo rene skrekken for meg, men du klarte den jo med glans! :D

    Feel better <3


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