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~~ New day new week ~~

Posted by Ania On Monday, February 25, 2008

Yesterdays Pencil-Lines had the FABBY Åsa Bergstrand guesting......loooove her's so professional-looking and unique :) She's a true artist methinks :) This is my niece and my collection of YUMMY Rouge de Garance die-cut-flowers. Ahhhh ♥♥♥ I normally don't fancy premade die-cuts but these are just to DIE for :) I know..I should have had some kind of journaling on the page but I didn't quite know where to put the journaling at.....hmm I kinda like the page to be nice and pretty and white too :)

More Bad Girl peeks...

Quick speedlinkage:
  • I'm such a nerd - I actually find this quite interesting. An easier way to get the metadata (exif) from your photos sorted and analyzed for Lightroom. I tried to convert my processes to Lightroom in january but quickly uh, forgot about it... will try to make another effort soon :p
  • And because I still lust for that D300. *sigh* A quick review on the ISO-range of the camera.
  • I've been storing quite a number of presets for Lightroom now. I think they're a bit like actions. Just need to get around to actually use Lightroom eh? Hm. Maybe they can be used in ACR too? I mean, you can make your own presets there too *boggle* Anyways. Here's some links. OneSoftware, LightroomKillerTips (he posts them every monday I think) and Inside Lightroom.
  • Check out Funky Finds Jewellery Give-Away. :)
  • Hm ok that was just four links :)
Have a nice week :)

9 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ New day new week ~~'

  1.'> 12:32 PM

    The layout is so adorable, Ania!! And the sneaks look great. Also thank you for the Lightroom links!


  2. Unknown Said,'> 4:52 PM

    Beautiful LO!
    I am loving the sneaks too!!


  3.'> 2:01 AM

    NYDELIG lo!! Og spennende sneak peaks! :) Gleder meg til aa se!

    Sparer til en D300 jeg ogsaa.. *sikle sikle*



  4.'> 5:40 AM

    That layout just 'shines' love it!! And love those sneak peaks, looks like an awesome kit!!


  5. Salte Said,'> 2:23 PM

    Skikkelig nydelig!!


  6. Sonja Said,'> 4:59 PM

    Nydelig Lo Ania! Hærlige blomster (",) Ha en fin uke!


  7. ちゅと Said,'> 5:34 PM

    oh my....! Your page this week looks just so fantastically adorable. Your niece is a muse!!

    No journaling is right on this layout I think because the white space helps more to concentrate on the details.

    Love it!


  8.'> 9:18 PM

    I LOVE (I mean really really LOVE) your PL layout this week....fabulous!!
    Your sneaks for BG look gorgeous...can't wait to see them!!


  9. S_U_F_69 Said,'> 11:24 PM

    For en nydelig layout og jeg også digger disse RdG diecutsene. Håper de kommer med flere...


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