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~~ The Daily Grind ~~

Posted by Ania On Thursday, October 16, 2008
Painted the edges of this paper from The Daily Grind, added some
diecuts & chipboards and played w/my scalloped scissors :)

When visiting my husbands cousin & her son earlier this summer
I had to have a minisession with this little mister (ofcourse ;) ) :)
He's the cutest thing - they visited Bergen earlier this week and
my husband babysitted him :) Gave them this gift - made w/ BE frames
and decorated w/ Fancy Pants :) Pretty clean&simple kinda.

Ps! Wtb babies for photosessions =)

Just some of my Fancy Pants stuff this month. Love "The Daily Grind" line - it's great for the everyday stuff and for boys and ofcourse - for girls least like mine who's not afraid of getting down and dirty like on the fact..when Adrian was her age (or well, a tad younger - around two-three) he was terrified of getting his hands dirty...or having direct contact with dirt and sand... full panicattack if his hands got a tad dirty. Luckily that was just a phase and he's just as dirty as anyone now the extent that I usually call my kids gypsies when they've been at a playground and played in the sandbox and emerges..well..not clean! But while that lasted....sigh... even refused to put his feet down on the sandy beach once :p Hm. Come to think of. I guess it's not very politically correct of me to think of them as gypsies as that implies certain things about gypsies (who, if I was to be politically correct, should be called romanis I guess??) hmm... but that's with a fondness that I'm using the word so...then it's ok..??

Anyways. Fancy Pants. Launcing two new lines!!! Winter & Valentines lines! (Can't wait to get the Valentine-line and the winter one looks great and untraditional whichs a great plus :D And I still haven't scrapped my snowwy piccies from last winter :p) And ofcourse there's a giveaway to go with that, so check this out! :D ( addition to yesterdays Halloweeny-giveaway :D)

And while I'm talking about manufs and stuff, Hambly Screenprints have special kits for sale for Breast Cancer Awareness Month - you should go and have a look at it here- you get to save like 50% of the entire value of stuff AND you get to support a very important case as 100% of the proceeds goes straight to the case. Oh and the new DT galleries on the blog is soon ready...scary and terrifying. Really.

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  1.'> 1:37 PM

    Hi Anne Jo ! Yummy Fancy Pants, delicious Hambly *LOL*. Thank for dropping by !



  2. iris Said,'> 6:23 PM

    ahhhhh your stuff is amazing Ania!


  3. Staci Taylor Said,'> 9:39 PM

    Oooh, i'm loving what you have done with the Daily Grind line, girl! I haven't dug into that one yet, but I can't wait!


  4. Karmele Said,'> 2:54 PM

    wowwwwwwwwww I love it!! genial las ultimas paginas!! fancy pants fantastico!!!


  5. Anonymous Said,'> 8:09 AM

    Oh yah lovin it girl


  6.'> 12:50 PM

    Wow, you have done fab with the FP, I'm looking forward to the valentine as it is more girlie hehe. But have enjoyed the daily grind too :)


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