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~~ With you it's about the chase ~~

Posted by Ania On Tuesday, October 14, 2008
Me and Amalie have been singing along with Marit Larsen since yesterday. She loves "If a song could get me you" and I love "Ten Steps" and "I've heard your love songs". The lyrics are brilliant :)

So. This weekend, in addition to having visits & going out (see below) I've also been purging bigtime at home (or well, at least I think so). With all the DT-stuff that has arrived lately plus the class-stuff that's started to arrive it just suddenly felt so wrong to have so much of like 3+ years worth of old stuff just....lying around.....being unloved....neglected....ignored.....unused...growing old...older day by started to feel...not all. :( (yes I belong to the category of collector-scrappers thinking I'll certainly need this or that piece some day...and no way I'll use the last of this or that cause they're waiting for the Perfect Project.)

Sorted mostly paper, but also some embellishments and stuff and sold off quite a bit now. It feels better now knowing that most of the papers that I once loved (or well, thought would be useful to have&keep around) should have found better homes by now...what's old to me might be new&fresh to others no? :)

Materials used: Hambly Screenprints, Daisy D, Scrappers Choice, Maya Road charm, Fiskars scalloped scissors.

Kathrine arranged some fun stuff over at Minneriket this past weekend - yey! Gudrun did a very inspirational class on pyramid-cards/boxes and I just had to this colorcombo - bronze and teal w/pinkpurple!! Even Tracie did a class for us and Anna was so kind and let us use the latest Pencil-Lines sketch.

Materials used: American Crafts, BamPop, Rose Moka

Speaking of Pencil-Lines - we're celebrating our 2 year anniversary and got the whole OLW team as our guests this week (well, we guested each others :) )! Don't miss out on this!! :D My layout is quite simple - it's about my late grandfather and how he kept learning new languages his whole life...accumulating to about 25 languages that he could read very well (as in submitting to magazines from Japan and reading the Bible in several different languages and stuff). He insisted on reading several different languages every day to keep them all fresh. He was an amazing person, incredibly knowledgeable and very careful on keeping up on track with what was going on in the society and the like... and I am very sorry I did not care to talk that much with him his last years as he struggled more and more with chronic illnesses and I was more interested in spending time with friends than with sick grandparents..well. Bygones. I guess.

Time for some promotional stuff! ;D

  • Luxe Designs have a little countdown to Halloween - 13 ideas to Halloween (one idea a day) - plus offering several Halloween-kits for 13$ (well, at least two - I *think* there will be more to come? Don't quote me on this tho!) AND are going to end it all with a BIG giveaway the last day (which would be at Halloween no? Seeing as the countdown is for Halloween..uh..yeah..Im so blonde sometimes =)). So. Stay tuned and keep checking out their blog!!

    A countdown is great. Although it reminds me that it's soon time for my first classes for this fall and that makes me slightly nervous!!! :p

  • Fancy Pants also have some Halloween-preparations on their blog and here's another chance to win some Halloween-y stuff! :D

  • Did you know that us PrimaDonnas have our own blog too? Yeah..and we share stuff there too- like this article on our fave glue *and* with a chance to win some adhesive from Scrapbook Adhesives! (And we're trying to share tips and tricks every week on that blog too so stay tuned - I know a lot of you will love next weeks tips...or hm maybe it'll be out this week hm :) )

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  1. Rachel Said,'> 7:40 PM

    Good lord woman you have got to be one of the busiest scrappers out there! Thanks for the promos... and of course the amazing inspiration as always!



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