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*crap where did the days go*

Posted by Ania On Monday, December 01, 2008

So we're now at the first day in the last month of the year.
Makes me wanna go wtf and wonder where the heck the year/days went??? We're soon done with 2008?? Really?? It's soon Christmas?? EEK!! *entering panic-mode*

These thoughts and feelings are like, tradition, and I know I am not alone thinking/feeling that. We attended a Christmasdinner (pinnekjøtt!!!) at my husbands grandparents yesterday, and she (the grandmother) proudly exlaimed that she was done with the Christmas-presents and would we mind helping her handing out the presents to our nearby family-members? We brought home three bags full of pressies yesterday. I'll aim being like that...sometime in the not-so-distant-future. I think. She's had more than 80 years to practice. Personally I'll aim to shorten down the practice-time :p

Anyways. Over to scrappy stuff.
Pencil-Lines was guested by the ever-so-talented Ingvild Bolme yesterday. She's oozing of talent & attention to details. When I was doing her sketch however, I was in a bit of a flunk. Ruined one layout because it didn't turn out the way I wanted it to (and ruined some lovely cool papers in the progress :(), then I was like, grr I give up and just did this quick layout - the title says it all - "meh"! :p. It seems that when I know who the guest is in advance and want to do my very best (because the guest is Norwegian and a friend), it's like, scrapping-antidote. Meh!

Used some Fancy Pants on this layout w/a lil Prima-transparency & Maya Road chipboard.

On Saturday I attended a Girls-Christmas-Night-out. The scrappy version of it anyways -- had such a fabulous time -- thank you so much girls!!!!! :D :D :D We spent the two first hours - 11am to 1pm - rummaging through everybodys trade-market-stuff (kinda our own fleamarket..just trading stuff) - oh the things people doesn't want - I scored a few alphas and papers despite me thinking I didn't need more papers!! Got rid of a good deal of stuff too so all is good :)
Then we finally remembered why we were there - to scrap - duh - and got started, interrupted by a break to eat (Egons - yum) before continuing the rest of the evening till 3am :)
No photos yet - I didn't bring my camera (shock, horror) - so pleaseeeee send me some pictures gals :D :D I ended up with 3 finished and 3 unfinished layouts - I am happy!! :)

Have a lovely December 1st everybody!! :)
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4 intriguing feedbacks to '*crap where did the days go*'

  1.'> 12:01 AM

    lol about knowing the guest in advance, i am like that most weeks!!!
    hugs xx


  2. Brenda Hurd Said,'> 5:51 AM

    your layout is dang cute - i know the feeling though - i'm there - under pressure!! Ha! I need one of those girls nights!


  3.'> 12:45 PM

    Jeg likte LOen din kjempegodt. Noen ganger er det nettopp de "uplanlagte" designene som faktisk blir finest. Sånn er det i hvertfall med meg. Less is more..(mitt favoritt motto...)


  4. Salte Said,'> 12:36 AM

    Diggbar layout!! Du lager så sinnsykt mye kult!


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