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~~ So far away, wish you were here ~~

Posted by Ania On Friday, December 04, 2009

I simply adore this “Christmas Magic” collection from Fancy Pants Designs – love the style&colors of the collection :) :) The photos are from last weekend – yay for scrapping fresh photos :) The layout was made for the Cards & Strips-showcasepost on the Fancy Pants Blog.

Decided to shorten down the strip of card w/the doily punch from Martha Stewart…& to use the stickerborder – stuck upon a piece of cardstock & cut out. Gems from Prima.

Also decided to use rubons, gems & crackle accents on the minitags. Used a piece of the strips-paper for journaling.

Yesterday dad was in town for a day – so I used some of my compensatory time at work to meet & spend some time with him :) (HI dad!)

Loved that I had an excuse to whip out the camera & play tourist in the city..=) Here´s a part of Bryggen.

We even paid a visit to the Gingerbread City Display (mm dark photos..looked okay on my calibrated screen at home, looks too dark at the workmac...would have been better to convert them to B&W I think, but I loved the blue light in the area..ohwell)….it’s been written a lot about it in the Norwegian media lately. It’s even been mentioned in international newsagencies because of the vandalising…I completely understand the frustration & sadness generated from the incident, but it sort of turned into such a huge deal in the media it became a bit ridiculous imho. Anyways..lots of gingerbread houses and trains and boats and buildings and ..well..lots of gingerbreadstuff everywhere :p

(jeg visste ikke vi hadde en aksjonsgruppe for tårn i Bergen ;p)

Dad was in town to give a speech on “Deaf Humour”. Of course I had to attend – always funny & amusing to watch dad in action ;p

Title: Keep holding on – Glee (ok, I know it’s Avril Lavigne but I’ve been so hooked on Glee & its soundtrack lately – looooove so many of the songs covered on this show!!! & Salling is HOT..I can say so cause he’s not that much younger than me so it’s ok ;p)

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  1.'> 10:29 AM

    Deaf Humour is the best! So does this mean you sign?
    My hubby and I both sign. well I sign a little, but I sign. lol My hubby is the better signer.
    Fun post!


  2. Ruth Philps Said,'> 1:50 PM

    Love your Fancy pants layout..I too have had so much fun working with these papers but unfortunately my photos were from last new photos!! Looks like you had fun with your are a great photographer!


  3. Ann-Katrin Said,'> 8:46 PM

    Så magisk og flott layout. Flotte ark og flotte detaljer. Ønsker deg en søt adventstid.


  4. Torill Ringsø Said,'> 1:24 PM

    Stilig bilde av din fader. Alltid en fornøyelse å se OIS i aksjon. Her har du virkelig fanget engasjementet hans :)


  5. Torill Ringsø Said,'> 1:27 PM

    Ups! Should hav written in English, sorry. Excellent picture of your Dad. It`s always fun to see him in action. You`ve really managed to catch his enthusiasm in this shot! :)


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