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~~ Top 10 cards for 2009 ~~

Posted by Ania On Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Soooo I admit to be a bit of a sheep. Several bloggers have blogged about their “top 10” of the year the last few days, and I’ve been enjoying scrolling down their posts. I also sort of figured “hey, I can do that too!”

I’m contemplating doing one post for cards, one for layouts, one for altered stuff and maybe - (and this is only maybe) – one for photos too. Although. How the heck do you manage to cull down photos to only ten..!? Or anything for that matter… I’m sort of infamous for not really knowing how to cull at work. But I digress.

Figured cards would be an easy place to start..? I don’t really consider myself a cardmaker, and only occasionally make cards I’m happy with… that logic it should be quite easy picking only ten here, no? (also – a quick headcount told me I took photos of 33ish cards this year. So probably made like 35-40ish cards only.) Let’s see…in no special order..

Simple & I love the peekin’ monster w/3d hands over the “fence” :p

(Made with Fancy Pants Designs)

Hm yeah. I made this for a challenge Bibbi (a totally totally awesome cardmaker) had on her blog this fall. If I remember correctly it was about using several patterned papers, chipboard & tags. Also made w/Fancy Pants Designs.

card A pretty girlish card. Love the subtle, feminine touch of tulle :) I later added the name of the recipient inside the glitter-frame (from Making Memories). Mostly Fancy Pants Designs..

A recent card, made w/….you guessed it… Fancy Pants Designs..:p (their papers really are easy to make pretty cards with). This was a card that held two bags of instant coffee inside :p

mom_card Mmm..more Fancy Pants Designs….(MOM: This is the card I forgot to send you! *cough*)

weddingcard2 OY! A NON Fancy Pants Designs card!
Love to make elegant cards w/Hambly transparencies :) When I think weddings I think of Hambly…

Mkay, this is a mix of Hambly, Fancy Pants Designs and some 3ndypapir/Jenni Bowlin/prima. Sort of had to add this one cause this card cost me a DARN FORTUNE!!! (hubby forgot this card to the party he was attending alone so I had to drive to him to deliver it and ended up with my FIRST and LAST (!!!!) speeding ticket :( :( :( Ugh. Totally my fault (and a loose gps that happened to fall down from the window right before the ticketphotomachine ruining my attention for a bit), but still – totally sucks :( Nice card tho :p)

More Hambly! Love :) Simplicity + white corrugated cardstock + one of my fave techniques with Hambly – creating a shadow-effect thanks to “same design – different mediums&colors” (brown on creme paper on bottom – creme transparency on top – a bit skewed to show off the shadowing). Only thing I’d do different would be to – eh – you know – make the shadow go the “right” way. Downwardish instead of upwards. Sort of. Ahwell. Can’t win’em all. Or something like that.

card3 Tbh I really prefer this kind of card myself – simple and whimsical and careless. However I have this feeling that people expect “more” of a card, which means I haven’t made as many cards in this style as I’d like. Silly I know…but I do feel that if I’m supposed to give away a card it “has” to be..or look….more…contentful (sp?)?? Fancy Pants Designs..ruboncard

Added this one because….well, although it’s quite noisy (too much pattern going on I think) I sort of like the graphic nature of it. American Crafts.

And there you have it….ten of my fave cards from 2009 :)

Stay tuned for more 2009-fave stuff..coming….as soon as I get them culled (um remind me again why I thought this was a good idea. Oh yeah. To be a showoff. I think. :p)

(and in the background Amalie is singing: "Adrian is kind. And nice. And kind. And nice. And *BURP* oops sorry!" She's a terrible burper, and not in the good way. Her burps rivals an old sailors. And she loves it. sigh. Her snore rivals a sailors too come to think of it. I should scrap that. But I digress.. again..)

3 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Top 10 cards for 2009 ~~'

  1. Heidi Said,'> 11:09 PM

    Nyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyydelige kort Ania!!!! Du er helt klart en kortlager!!!!! Gleder meg allered til dine neste "Top 10" :))


  2. Nina Said,'> 2:53 PM

    Fantastiske kort, alle sammen! Du er virkelig begavet og du er en dejlig inspirationskilde :)

    Godt nyt kreativt 2010!
    //Nina i DK


  3. Murphy's Law Said,'> 7:09 PM

    ooooooooooooo i love them. wow!


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