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... I wanna wish it all away ...

Posted by Ania On Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Last weekend I was in Oslo to attend a photography-workshop. One where we got to work with studio-lightning, a real model & stylists and stuff. It was decent - at least I´ve tried that now and (I hope) feel a bit more safer if I get to work with studio-lightning sometime. Being an amateur, it seems to me it´s quite easy to get technically perfect photos once the light & camera-settings are set - then it just boils down to how to position the lights (imo - preferrably so you get interesting shades in the photo) & work with the model(s) & communication & visions.

I´ll probably share some images later (we did what I´d call glamour-shots I guess, even doing a few shoots in bikinis&stuff...:p) - but I feel so lazy - I haven´t even edited them yet (they seemed to need very little post-processing by the way - studiolightning & having a make-up team is pretty cool that way).

But. Before I attended the workshop, mom threw a little get-together for me, reminding me she hadn´t seen me since last summer. And I hadn´t seen my sister or nieces since last spring.. dad, aunt, uncle and grandma was there too. I even finally got around to meet my sisters (not-so-new-anymore) boyfriend. It was nice being with them again, and being around people who spoke sign-language. All Amalie signs these days is "good night" and "thank you for the food". Hope to be able to bring her next time so she can refresh her sign-language further :p

Anyways. Mom saved this gingerbread-house for me.

Just so I could snap photos of my nieces smashing it to the ground (or table :p).

(ps...see the canvasses in the background? I did the photos. At least those of the girls.)

Yeah. Smashing a gingerbread-house is fun, even for a young girl growing into a young lady (*sigh* I remember her being a little baby....not too long ago!).

I like the play with shadows in this image here (taken outside the bathroom, she was impatiently waiting for her turn and leaned towards the wall & the lamp there). I really ought to explore shadows more. Embrace them. And stuff.

I´ve been scrapping a bit lately - too little for my taste - but still some. For future assignments though, so I don´t really have anything to share here atm. Sorry!

Title - "Yellow Ledbetter", Pearl Jam

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  1. Staci Taylor Said,'> 5:08 AM

    Oooh, very cool photos - you always have such neat perspective! And smashing gingerbread houses - what fun! I need to try that ;-)


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