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~~ A little bit of this and that ~~

Posted by Ania On Saturday, May 08, 2010

It’s been a few intense weeks filled w/lots of stuff going on…love being busy & gain more experience, hate feeling stressed though! I mean, I haven’t gotten around to scrap for like, more than a week, which’s horrible…I managed to make a card yesterday though, and have two more I need to make for next week..

Nevertheless, here’s a few more photos from lately that I haven’t gotten around to share – both private photos & more photos from both the aforementioned photosession + wedding :)

First, two photos from Amalies birthdayparty:

DSC_8175 She wasn’t too entirely happy about mommy having to photograph how lovely she was. Hence the not too cheerfully expression on her face. Sigh. ;p She does look lovely still, in the beautiful dress she inherited from her cousin :)DSC_8203We had a food-booth with play-money (made from cardstock-scraps – great idea to get rid of all the bits and pieces you don’t have the heart to just throw away ;p). The kids loved it…Adrian manned the booth, while daddy fixed the food :) (Just one advice though – hide the dessert-part of the menu or else the kids will want the dessert first ;p)

Now some more photos from the photosession w/Ronny and Silje:

DSC_7807 Playing with teddybears!

DSC_7840 copyCuteness!

DSC_7859 copyNot sure how to explain this ;p The photos we did were a mix of general goofiness, playfullness & sweetness :)

DSC_7866 copy

“If you liked it you shoulda put a ring on it” ;)
(Naa they’re not engaged or anything. Just wanted to test this kind of shot :) )

DSC_7872 copy :)

DSC_7914 copy

“Oh yeah I’m so handsome & cool” ;)DSC_7916 copy More silliness :)

DSC_7946 copy

I found this one pretty cute :) DSC_7979 copyNote to self: Close the darn doors in the background!!

DSC_8104 copy

Yeah. Definitely close the doors. DSC_8111 copyHeh :)


Hmm I added the weddingphotos then realized the post would become waaaaay longer than it already is, so I’m gonna save the rest of the wedding-photos for tomorrow :) You can see some of the photos Maren put out on her blog already though if you’re interested in them :)

Instead, I’m gonna share two photos of the kids..

DSC_9178 Amalie’s been fascinated by those small figurines lately…

DSC_9186In addition to the big dragons she thinks this one rocks – come on – it’s got four arms!!

DSC_9207  She and Adrian played some more this morning too ♥

Mkay, soon off to a Tivoli…no rest for the wicked….moar work awaits!

3 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ A little bit of this and that ~~'

  1. Solfrid Said,'> 12:30 AM

    Så mange utrolig flotte bilder du har tatt! Du er råflink!!!:)


  2. Vibeke Said,'> 9:02 AM

    Du tar så flotte bilder - det inspirerer meg masse:)

    Håper søndagen din blir herlig:)


  3. Sasha Farina Said,'> 2:38 AM

    small figurines? I hate them.. LOL. i hate stepping on them.. makes me feel like dying. LOL. i think so anyway.


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