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~~ The piano keys are black and white ~~

Posted by Ania On Thursday, May 27, 2010


I shared this layout at the Fancy Pants’ Productspotlight on “My Family Tags & Titles” . I used the tag as my title, decorating it by creating a border for it, rubbing some rub-ons w/bling and attaching ribbons. I like this picture. My grandparents from both sides at our living-room back home in Oslo. Of all these people in the picture, only grandma (to the right) is still alive – here’s the recent layout I made w/her and my kid. Notice the painting on the wall behind them? My mom painted it when she was young. I love it. I’ve known it for as long as I have lived. She never got around to finish it though. It misses the shades. We keep bugging her to continue painting (and other creative stuff she did before she got us kids), but she hasn’t done so….yet :p Ah. Good memories. The old furnitures..the lamps w/dried flowers as deco… my grandparents..I have no idea how old the picture is – but it must be at least 18, so maybe 20 years old as the first one to die did when I 12 I think? Or maybe 13.. Looking at the picture makes me feel it’s really great haven gotten around to know your grandparents. I miss them.

family_cu1 family_cu2

I think I pretty much used “My Family” here – papers, rub-ons, tags and ribbons. The border-paper and one of the ribbon is from “Rusted Sun”, though. pout Here’s an older layout w/Fancy Pants’ “All about a girl”, as shown in this productspotlight here. The collection sure is bright, but not that bright as seen in the picture here – sometimes my layouts etc comes out really really saturated no matter what settings I use. I even lowered the saturation on this picture, but didn’t feel I could lower it any more despite it still being pretty saturated. Hrm. Oh, and the little one? Such a drama queen. Cute, and tiresome (no, don’t ask me where she’s got that from thankyouverymuch).

Title: “Spider’s Web” – Katie Melua

5 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ The piano keys are black and white ~~'

  1.'> 6:15 PM

    great layouts! love the family layout of your grandparents. that is a special photo. a family is love. your butterfly layout is very pretty. thanks for sharing :)! have a wonderful day! *hugs* steph :)


  2. Rachel Said,'> 8:00 PM

    GASP those string butterflies are amazing! Always gorgeous girl ... ALWAYS!

    Rach :)


  3. Sasha Farina Said,'> 6:32 AM

    anytime for butterflies... yumminess.


  4. Henrikke Said,'> 10:54 AM

    Fantastic work !! ;) You are great :)


  5. Kathy Martin Said,'> 1:37 PM

    Wow! Great pages! Fab details! Love the string of butterflies on the second! :)


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