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~~ See why I love Hot Chocolate? ~~

Posted by Ania On Friday, January 21, 2011


More creations for my guestDT-gig for My Scrapbook Nook: this is a layout created with their January-kit, which heavily featured Fancy Pants Designs’ winter-y collection “Hot Chocolate”. All the papers and stickers here are from that collection, while the buttons were added from an older FP collection.


I love using thicker thread on my sewing machine! Why didn’t I do this earlier!?!?


The letters are from American Craft – originally they were white, but I colored them with a red, permanent marker to fit my layout better.utpatur_cu3

I love scalloped circlepapers, but too often they have me stumped as to what to do with them (I know – create circle-layouts….still…doesn’t always feel right to me). So I’m pretty satisfied that I managed to incorporate this paper on this layout.


And this is a quick card created from scraps from the layout above, a sticker and 3d foam. Quick, elegant and easy. And more important – no scraps to hoard around forever!



Today’s my day off, and a friend insists on teaching me how to crochet (she so has no idea what she’s in for). I’m ambivalent and dubious and highly sceptical, but have caved in to give it an attempt. Besides. I’m just gonna do the basic squaretightcrochetingthing. Nothing fancy. I’ll be fine….I think…

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7 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ See why I love Hot Chocolate? ~~'

  1. Ann Hedvig Said,'> 11:50 AM

    Lykke til med hekleundervisning, regner med det er Eli du har på besøk ;o)

    Ha en super helg :o)



  2. Eli Said,'> 9:30 PM

    Det er ikke måte på hvor jeg har mast på deg!! :P Du var så flink så; bare husk å puste innimellom og ikke banne så jæ... *fnis* Når man kan basicen så går resten som en lek :) Nå har du en ting til å
    bytte mellom; skriving, scrapping og hekling! Enjoy :) - og god helg. Klem


  3. Aquarell Said,'> 9:43 PM

    Så knallflott LO! Vil ha de arkene!!! Tror jeg må foreta seriøs scrappeshopping snart... :)
    God helg!


  4. pattyo Said,'> 1:25 AM

    Love the layout and card! Good luck with the crocheting. I can do that but I never could get the hang of knitting--I always tend to be a little tight with the stitches.


  5. Kathy Martin Said,'> 2:01 PM

    Oh my what a fabulous page! Great design, layering, stitching! Love!


  6. Heidi Said,'> 10:06 PM

    Knallflott layout!!! Digger arkene, fargene, oppsettet og alle detaljene!!!!


  7. Lizzie Said,'> 3:55 PM

    Absolutely Lovely Page Ania! Really beautiful. I just loved the many, many layers you have made, each one different, with the scallops, straight edges, stitching, spots and dots, lovely colour mix ... and the corner with layered scallops is a great look. For someone who doesn't know what to do with scalloped papers, I think you did pretty well! Soooo Nice!


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