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~~Hurra for Skissedilla #100 ~~

Posted by Ania On Friday, February 25, 2011


Hooray for the Norwegian sketch-site Skissedilla, which recently celebrated 100 weeks (&sketches). Well, not really 100 sketches, but rather 99, as they decided to scrap older sketches for their 100th week :p

Congratulations, Skissedilla! I figured I had to join this one, and found this wonderful sketch by Carrin:


I’m not quite sure which number it is, but the filename says 12.. :p


Once again I grabbed old stuff I had lying (hoarding is bad, folks! ;p) around – mostly Sassafras (the patterned papers – plus one strip of Pink Paislee that was lying on the table), Love, Elsie (look! the epoxy-sticker! love these, having a hard time actually using them though – need to get better at this!) and rub-ons from Hambly Screenprints.


Plus – this calendar-tag from Elle’s Studio – I’ve not used it because in my mind I thought it said 2011 on it, and I was like, gotta save it then! But for this project I thought – oh heck – let’s use it and just cover up the 11 part of 2011 w/the photo – when I noticed it did say 2010 after all. Cough. Plus! See the starburst-punch? Lovesit. It punches through cardboard and – wait for it – transparencies as well! Like cutting through butter – gotta love it :) I think I have an idea what to do w/the punch next :) Just need some time to scrap – it’s been sacred lately w/so much going on around here :(

I also found another sketch I think will be perfect for a card, I’ll see if I can find some time to scrap tomorrow…



listening: Nightwish (LOVE “Bye Bye Beautiful”)
eating: nothing yet…have chocolate-rolls & Oreo-muffins on the way, though!
drinking: 3 cups of coffee so far….
wearing: same as yesterday, will change for tonight though
feeling: antsy..
weather: Grey, rainy & somewhat windy..
wanting: to scrap…but….work calls..this time, on my thesis :p
needing: hairproducts for straight, no-frizzy hair
thinking: that I’ll pay the local hairdressers a visit hunting for hairproducts your local businesses & all :p
enjoying: the music
wondering: how tonight will be – taking approx 8 boys (and a little girl) to go bowling..

Anna Said,

11:48 AM

WOW your blog is looking good. I have been reading it for a while now through Google reader and hadn't seen the changes you have done over here. You are one of my fav visits. Keep it up you are great !

Thank you :)

ParentesFantomet Said,

10:47 PM

Gubban så kul!
Jeg digger og PostSecret, likte spesielt godt den med vedkommende som stammer, gir håp for verden. *klem*

PostSecret er en av ukens faste höjdare :)

pattyo Said,

1:02 AM

Love how the scallops make the layout pop. Thanks for the tip on scalloping a brad. Streaks put in the hair here are called highlights.

Gotcha! Thanks :) And thanks for the tip on :)

pattyo Said,

1:02 AM

Oh, forgot--post a photo of your new 'do.

Mari Said,

8:21 AM

hello, show us the new haircut!!! You can't tell about it two times in a row, without showing!:)

Riiiight…um..alright, you asked for it…iPhone-images incoming from the whole process :p


Haircut done, coloring+highlights next..


Amalie also got her hair cut..


Love her hair when short (easier for us and her, see her amazing bedhair-photo here :p) + I think she looks like Amelie (from the French movie)/a cute pixie w/short hair :)




Me again…w/ponytails like them Asian girls on haha..*cough*


Have a nice weekend :)

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11 intriguing feedbacks to '~~Hurra for Skissedilla #100 ~~'

  1.'> 1:14 PM

    dramaqueen reporting for duty.. ! haaahaa!! i love that layout, not sure what but i feel it's special!
    give us your real hair color - with real camera.. not iphone. or use photobooth? I wanna see!!


  2. Carrin Said,'> 2:15 PM

    Herlig ania LO :)
    Lekkert fargevalg og et hav av flotte detajer!


  3. Brit Said,'> 4:40 PM

    For en flott LO, Ania! Digger stilen din! Herlige farger og lekre detaljer.
    Tusen takk for deltakelsen.
    Ha en fin dag :)


  4. Heidi Said,'> 7:08 PM

    Kjempflott layout til skissedilla!!!
    Flotte farger og supre detaljer!!! ....også hambly da..."me like"!!!! Digger det du lager.
    Ha en super helg.


  5. Lula Said,'> 7:16 PM

    Ja hva skal man si......LEKKER!Sidene dine hopper mot meg på en slik måte at jeg blir bergtatt. Leter alltid etter flere kule detaljer og søte historier.

    Du inspirerer!

    Klem Lula


  6. Broggis Said,'> 9:00 PM

    Nå ble jeg glad! Jeg elsker den lekene stilen din, og all miksing av masse saker! Eslker den lille historien og et fantastisk herlig bilde!!
    Takker for inspirasjon i bøtter og spann!


  7. pattyo Said,'> 9:20 PM

    Love the layout and your haircut! It looks great with the ponytail!


  8. banglamarie Said,'> 1:41 PM

    lekker layout! Inspirerende! Tror snart jeg må begynne å scrappe igjen.
    Neste treff med papirer og ikke garn?? hm....

    Uvant men lekkert med pannelugg :o)
    Fine du og fine Amalie :o)


  9. HegeAL Said,'> 2:38 PM

    Virkelig kul ania LO. Digger stilen din!! Også så kule dere begge ble på håret!!



  10. Aud R. Said,'> 3:07 PM

    Kjempeflott side med mange gøye detaljer å se på!


  11. Brit Said,'> 10:52 AM

    Gratulerer som en av vinnerne inne hos oss på Skissedilla :) En kjempefin LO!!! Send oss adressen din, så får du en pakke i posten :)


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