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~~ Children’s Art Storage-book ~~

Posted by Ania On Friday, April 01, 2011


I have a new tutorial up at the Crate Paper-blog – you can find it here. I’ll probably put it up here on my own blog in a while, but for now – just head over there to see it for yourself :)

It’s a Children’s Art Storage-book I made my daughter because she kept handing me small sheets filled with her drawings or stickers telling me to hold on to them for her..and I’m like, dude, keep the sheets in your notebook, stop tearing them out cause they’ll only get lost! But noo..part of the fun with notebooks apparently is to tear out the pages after finishing them, despite it making it difficult for me to hold on to a zillion small pages :p So..I made her this book :)


I love how she’s trying to draw things she sees…the bunny seen here is a drawing of Super-Bunny, a French childrens book we recently read…hehe..she’s good methinks!


Had to find the image to show you…teehee…*proud mama* ;p


Here’s the’s quite simple to create – a bit like binding your own book I guess, although I’m using the sewing machine here..


Here’s a peek of the making-of-process..


Go ahead, try it for yourselves! :)


Thank you so much for the lovely comments on the babypictures by the way!

pattyo Said,

1:34 AM

Oh, so many beautiful photos! Regarding finding an afghan as a prop--your friend Banglamarie makes beautiful ones.

Oh I well aware, and I’ve seen and know how much time these take – and I “just” want to use it as a prop – so I don’t think I can ask that of her or any of my friends :) Better look at flea-markets and second-hand-stores methinks. Didn’t know it was called afghan though, thanks! :)


Cassie Said,

5:02 PM

Beautiful card! The photos are gorgeous! I am following your pinterest boards now too!! =)

Thanks! Although I think my pinterest boards sucks, it’s just for my personal use so I won’t forget this and that....I don’t seem to browse and come across as nearly as many lovely things the other ladies seem to do! :D

Nati Tristan Said,

2:31 AM

Your family is beautiful! that church is beautiful as well!

Thank you! Yes, it is – I’ve only seen it from the outside before, and was pleasantly surprised and delighted over the bright and lovely colors inside :)

Eli Said,

8:41 AM

Herlige dåpsbarnet :) Knallflotte bilder; ser ut som at dagen ble helt perfekt! (og bare hyggelig å kunne være behjelpelig med lue; ble litt lettet når Pia sendte mld om at den passet :) )Klem

Du reddet oss ut av en knipe der, takktakk! :)

Silje Said,

12:13 PM

Ååååh! Herlige bilder, Anne Jo.
Og - jeg er forelsket i bestemoren din.

Open-mouthed smile

missusem Said,

6:18 PM

So good to see the generational love between all of you. You have a lovely family Anne! :)

pattyo Said,

11:57 PM

What wonderful, precious photos! Love the baby's christening gown and the traditional Norwegian dress.

Thank you both!

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7 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Children’s Art Storage-book ~~'

  1.'> 3:14 PM

    What a super fabulous way to organize your child's artwork! LOVE this!


  2. Aquarell Said,'> 5:01 PM

    Kjempeflott album, kanskje jeg skulle prøvd meg på et slikt?
    Ha en flott helg.


  3. Nati Tristan Said,'> 7:06 PM

    This is just too cute! This is perfect for little kids as gifts!! Thank you so much!


  4. pattyo Said,'> 1:47 AM

    How creative are you! This is adorable and a perfect storage solution.


  5. LG Said,'> 5:41 PM

    what a brilliant idea! Looks so much fun to do as well!


  6. Christiane Said,'> 10:47 AM

    love your idea and your design!!


  7. Anonymous Said,'> 1:10 AM

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