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~~ Jubeldans & cellphone-accents ~~

Posted by Ania On Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Sassafras has another challenge going on, this time a sketch – one that I could not resist. Plus, I had plenty of scraps from the last Sassafras-challenge that I wanted to use, haha. The picture is one that I snapped using my Instagram-app – I was at my moms place, and had been gone all day attending DOK:11, and the kids (my daughter+niece) refused to go to bed until I had arrived home late that night. And when I came home – well, this is what welcomed me – mad dance & cheering from the kids…hehe…love that my mom is peeking out the door here too :)


The layout is a mix of …well, lots of older Sassafras-stuff :) And a doily! They fit in so nicely everywhere sorta..


And I love curling the corners of the papers like this :)


And oh hi! There’s my friends and their cellphones which I decorated for my very first assignment with Glue Arts! :) Glue Arts isn’t only about adhesive, they also have 12x12 sheets of vinyl in lots of lovely colors, called Accent It All. Using it is quite simple, and you can find my step-by-step tutorial here.


Right! Easter’s quickly approaching, and so is the little ones birthday. I also just got off my first week at work, including working the whole weekend (which is something everybody takes their turn at doing, before getting two days off the following week). Really am looking forward to having an extra long Easter-vacation doing pretty much nothing (if I had my way…sigh ;p)!

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8 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Jubeldans & cellphone-accents ~~'

  1. Nati Tristan Said,'> 1:04 AM

    Those are some cute prjects! Loving the cell phones!


  2. Jan Said,'> 1:33 PM

    Great the cell phone design :)


  3. Carrin Said,'> 5:30 PM


    Nok en ny ania LO en blir glad av :)
    Og telefonene -herlig de og!

    Ha ei riktig god påske!


  4.'> 6:44 PM

    Wow loving your blog. Your very creative in a free way - not confined - which is great.


  5. pattyo Said,'> 1:19 AM

    What a fun layout and cute cell phone decorations!


  6. Catrine Said,'> 7:38 AM

    Herlig layout!
    Elsker fargene du bruker! Og så mange flotte detaljer!

    Og så søt pynt på mobilene!

    Ønsker deg og dine en herlig påske! *klem*


  7. Malin Said,'> 1:12 PM

    Underbar layout färgerna designen å detaljerna allt e loooovly!!!
    Å hur söta blev inte telefonerna, vill oxå ha en anka på min!!


  8. Aquarell Said,'> 2:28 PM

    Så utrolig herlig LO, både bilde og farger og stæsj, ja alt!
    Og så kule mobildekorasjoner. :)
    Ha en fortsatt fin påske.


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