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~~ The confirmation ~~

Posted by Ania On Sunday, September 09, 2012
I liked this church. Small-ish, but well preserved and painted in gorgeous, rich, warm and well, to me, farmer-ish colors (not unlike its neighbourhood church, pictured here).
My sister, the proud mama. I like this photo because of the triangle of different angles of my sister, my father and my daughter. Haha.
I did everybody’s hair. First my sister, then my niece, then my daughter. Sure. I’m not good at doing crisp lines. Still. Fun =)
My step-father snapped this one of me doing my sisters hair earlier that day…
And this one of her hair. I forgot to snap a decent photo of it myself…*snap*
My nephew didn’t quite agree with me snapping photos of him…
I’ll share the photos from the photosession shortly. Just wanted to share this one of my step-father sneaking in a photo… since he did this one of me…
Did I mention I loved my sister’s speech? Personal, fun and lovely…
I think my niece loved it too…
And found it amusing….
…and downright embarrassing (just like a speech’s supposed to be *grin*)
We tried to do some photosessions in the backyard, but this little man didn’t wanna cooperate :/
My niece makes me so, so proud. She surprised us (well, at least me) with insisting on having her own little speech as well, thanking everybody for coming, for the gifts and for the labour behind this celebration. *so proud of her*
…and at first she didn’t wanna do her speech, because she coudln’t find her notes….then she found them, and was a bit anxious to start with…
..before growing more comfortable. Comfortable enough to do her speech. *proud!*
Just had to add this one…I just wanted to snap a photo of my dad, when this little troll almost jumped me…
And this is my mom, my uncle and my dad…:)
And here’s my crazy kids….
…and me… step-father apparently snapped this one of me while I snapped the above photo..haha…!
No doubt these kid’s crazy…
My poor, poor niece…sandwiched in between them crazy kids…
Turns out she’s a tad crazy herself, though =)
*aww* Love this bunch!
Which often turns into crying…
..just one more..
Wrapping this one w/my grandma…loves :)
Right. Just gonna share my photosession-photos, before resuming sharing scrapbookrelated-stuff. Am itching to start scrapbook again after like a week with no scrapbooking…..just gonna watch some dinosaurs in a spaceship first!!

2 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ The confirmation ~~'

  1. Aquarell Said,'> 11:26 PM

    Igjen masse nydelige bilder... :) Du er kjempeflink å fotografere! Virkelig dyktig! :)


  2. rosemary Said,'> 2:44 AM

    how awesome it is that your stepfather is a photo buff too. Its great seeing photos of you, dressed up no less!


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