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~~ Paying sister dearest a visit ~~

Posted by Ania On Friday, September 07, 2012


I love visiting my sister. Here’s one big reason why. The lovely, lovely way the light works her house!!

(oh, and this adorable big-eyed ‘lil dude as well, I suppose…)


S’ok, so this picture is a bit blurry and stuff, and her hair’s such a mess. Still. I kind of like this photo…


I love that whenever I’m visiting my sister, I get to document stuff going on in her house. I suppose noone really dares (or cares..??) to tell me to put the camera away. So when my niece walks up in the morning looking for breakfast…well..I’m here w/my camera too….


And well, I dunno how long her interest in little toddlers will last…so better document it as well before the interest wanes…


Love the different things going on in this picture…


And the way this little dude tries to peek outta the window…


…or the way he tries to follow the bigger girls around…


To quote Amalie: “Aww, he’s SO SO GOOD AT DRAWING!”


Love the way these girls interacts…(wonder how long this good contact between these two will last…hopefully for life…)


Is he cute or is he cute!?


And while the girls were busy chasing the little dude, this big dude made sure to quality check the noisy toys..


Either that, or was busy reading his books…


On Saturday these girls were attending their aunties confirmation, and got dressed up. Dressed up + me around = impromptu photosession!


I had to wait until this one was done w/her makeup, though…


And as you can see it was clearly worth the wait :)


While the girls were out, me & my sister got started on the preparations to my niece’s confirmation the next day…


By baking like four different kinds of cakes/cupcakes & 2 or three different kind of tapas food….oh, and some salad too….


In between there was time to do some finishing touches on the speech (which was beautiful by the way).


Right. Loads of photos. Wrapping this up w/this ‘lil dude.

In the middle of processing the confirmation-photos and the photosession w/my niece….will share as soon as I’m done… imagine the little babygirl’s now confirmed and all that….dang. Time surely flies!

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  1. Aquarell Said,'> 1:21 PM

    Så mange flotte bilder.! Herlig med sånne hverdagsbilder :-)
    God helg!


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