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Posted by Ania On Wednesday, July 06, 2005

I must admit it. Whenever someone notices that "Hey, you're from Oslo aren't you?" because of my dialect (yes I've still kept it thankyouverymuch!), they're so making my day. It makes me beam, feel more happier & kinda radiate (I think :p). I've lived at these parts of the country (Bergen that is) for close to seven years now, and although some evil people (you know who you are!!) claims that I've been.....assimilated into a Bergenser (or worse, Askøyværing), I simply refuse to believe that. I don't wanna! And just even saying something like that to me is so mean!

I'm also really totally devastated that my oldest kid seem to not notice my dialect at all but rather go for the local one.....poor kid :( So the baby is my only hope left I I'm sad again...grr..
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