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Tour de France

Posted by Ania On Sunday, July 24, 2005
You really gotta hand it to the participants - when you attend a competition that goes on for days, knowing that you'll have to look forward to at least two accidents involving scraping up your bare skin in up to 60-70 km/hour (if you're lucky)...and yet, when the accidents occur, you know that you have to keep going, (almost) no matter what....

It kinda puts things into perspective doesn't, comparing them to the wussy (yet sassy) footballers who seem to be more and more occupied with how they look these days. These cute, little footballers really seem to like to roll around on the grass crouching and yelling when they just stumble over each others. And they keep lying on the ground until they got the judges attention at least.

You don't really see the same behaviour from the tourers when they fall off and slide across the road do you? Naa, they clench their fists, bit their teeth and hurries to their bicycles trying to get on it as fast as possible.

Now that's sorta admirable in a sadistic way.
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