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Yeah yeah, Harry Potter

Posted by Ania On Wednesday, July 20, 2005
Although I fancy J.K. Rowlings world, I've been annoyed about the main protagonist, Harry Potter, for quite a while now. He's such a "woe me" spoiled, childish brat, who's good at whining and feeling sorry for himself too often. Sure, he's got his reasons, but he does seriously bug me too often. And I'm like, get over it, stop acting like a child....(which he actually is, something I guess I tend to overlook). And have Dumbledore ever failed him, not earning his total trust?

Ohwell...I guess that having a flawed protagonist is good and actually to prefer to godlike heroes, but jeez, a little less annoying Potter woudln't hurt imo :p

Oh, she's getting better and better at writing methinks, didn't really fancy her two first books but she's gettin' there =) And the intro to "the half-blood prince" was very clever, loved the twist on introducing us to what's happened since last book. And the death makes sense.... it really does :)
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