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Right, it's a new year now...

Posted by Ania On Sunday, January 01, 2006
Hm... I've never really fancied fireworks that much. Sure, it looks pretty in the sky, but I can't help feeling it's really dangerous, especially in combination with intoxiated people....bottles that some use as missile stands might fall down and cause the firework to fire at people...and so makes me sliiightly nervous even though I know that hey, there's slim chance that things will go wrong, you really gotta have bad luck if a stray missile decides to hit you, and you take chances every day anyways, driving, walking, even doing stuff at your home...


Anyways...another new year, yay. How funny is it for Jews and well, other people (Orthodox and Muslims and stuff :P) that we're in 2006, while they're doing some other number (3000something?)? To me it seems like our way to count the time (don't make me look up what it's called) is the majority one kinda, the one the whole world is using...? Or maybe it's just me swimming around in my little goldfish bowl, not noticing that the majority is following another way to count time...this is getting way too deep for my little brain already =)

Ohwell...time to start preparing the turkey we're gonna have for dinner today =)
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