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Vanity Fair..

Posted by Ania On Thursday, January 12, 2006
Mmm.... thanks to Blizzards extended mainentance (and thus downtime) of WoW yesterday, we decided to rent a movie. Personally, I totally adore Reese Whiterspoon, and when I saw her "Vanity Fair" on the DVD rack I had to rent it - there was even a "6 - passionate masterpiece" quote on the front cover, from some local citypaper.

Boy, I was disappointed. No coherent story, the movie kinda jumped around and stopped only briefly at the different parts of the story (like, okay, we need to show this, and that, and oh, let's show that part of the story too, lemme see, mm, ok, 30 seconds each part?) Huh?? The movie also had to take everything quite litterally (okay, so this guy is mean, let's make sure he shows that mean pout and give him that punkish (indian?) hairlook. Oh, that guy's supposed to be his son, lets make sure he looks and acts exactly like his dad, hairstyle and pout complete, and to further make sure the really viewer gets it, let's make him ask out loud "do I look like my dad" while posing just like him, eyes narrowed evilly dadstyle). And well, I said I adore Whiterspoon, but in this movie she did kinda annoy me, cause someone put it, she's only got two modes; "badass/freeway" and "ditz/legally blonde". In this movie that's pretty close to the truth, cause you see hints of the latter quite a few times. Usually it's okay, but in this movie, missing a decent storyline (or well, lacking the ability to show or even find the storyline), it just looks stupid and tiresome. (Ok, I know this is an adaption from a novel, and thus it's always hard when wanting and trying to cover all the bases kinda, but still, it has to be watchable for people who haven't read the novel either and can't be kind and fill out some missing indepth gaps in their own minds when watchin kinda...)

So, whatever the Norwegian critic who gave this movie a top six-dice mark was smoking while watching, please hand over some!! Maybe it'll give me enough clarity to see what kind of masterpiece this movie was.....not! *roll eyes*

Anyways, I still adore Whiterspoon (loved her in "Freeway"), and I hear she's quite good in "Walk the line", so...

Oh, and I decided the tshirt from yesterday was too childish and even though it's meant to be worn like, ironic (at least to me), I don't think it's something for me afterall.
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