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Posted by Ania On Tuesday, January 10, 2006
I'm happy that the babyrapist got his punishment (although a poor one in comparison to what he's done) - a life sentence - for (repeatedly) raping a 12-week old baby, but how come his girlfriend, who raped the baby once, only got five years....?!? The judge claims it's because the girlfriend was under the malign influence of the rapist, so that she didn't really realize that what they were doing was evil....!?? H e l l o ....!?!? She's goddamn 19 years old!!!! A nineteen year old woman surely must be able to THINK for herself -- is doing this against a defenseles 12-week old baby alright....?? HELL NO!! (and noone woulda known about this if the police didn't find the pictures they took of their crime)

Jeez, what is she, a retarded moron?? (apologies to those who's really retarded, no offence please)

I have only one thing to say about this; W T F !!
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