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~~ Em's card & a minialbum ~~

Posted by Ania On Wednesday, April 11, 2007

My card for this weeks promt; "Bird". Well. I don't really have any relationship with birds, but uhm, you know.. giving someone the bird? Well. I guess I gotta confess I've done so at least twice the last three weeks. It's silly I know. It's patetic and so childish and so...primitive....and very very rude.. but yeah...when driving...when other people do stupid things (I never do stupid things when driving, nooononooo *cough* *winkwink*) I can be pretty hotheaded and if pissed off enough I may show someone the finger. Ridiculous and I'm tryin to stop that - imagine if the other person really saw that and I knew him/her. How embarrassing! I never do so when the kids are around or when Simen is with me. He thinks I'm silly for being annoyed with other people when driving. And he's so right. But jeez some people are just so stupid. And some acts just annoys me :p
Now. Having a card showing the bird woudln't be very nice, so I just made a nice birdiecard with a minienvelope with the note inside. Stop flippin' the finger. Pronto. The envelope is made with a BG magnetic snap to keep it closed.

Anyways. Gonna teach scrapbooking in Stavanger this saturday - a beginners class plus a minialbumclass. Ofcourse all my minialbums of this kind was given away for Christmas, and I haven't taught this class since, so I had to make a new one. With Scarlets Letter! Amazing. First time ever using the papers. Wee! This one will be pretty simple - it'll just showcase my uh..practicephotos...non-kid-one for now...just pictures of stuff like the chair and gate and stuff. The title is a kinda tribute to my fave photoblog these days. And I thought it sounded very cool :p Oh, adding a smaller minialbum from Christmas that I haven't shown before. Yay. And stuff.

Ps. Thanks to Roth for this very interesting read. Take a famous virtuoso and have him act like a street musician playing on his 3.5mill$ Stradivari; will the passerbys recognize the quality of the music?

Viser noen bilder av minialbumet jeg lagde til lørdagens minialbumkurs i Stavanger (bilde 2-3). Alle de gamle av denne typen var gitt vekk, så måtte lage en ny en. Er litt fantasiløs for tiden så det blir en ganske enkel en - en slags fotografibok der bildene står i sentrum. Øver meg på å bli en bedre fotograf og noen ganger er det litt ok å ha et sted å vise de bedre bildene på liksom. Derfor er det ikke så mye stæsj på denne inni da. Tar også med meg en mindre minibok til inspirasjon - en som er mer pyntet inni - men det er den store vi skal lage på kurset.
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12 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Em's card & a minialbum ~~'

  1.'> 5:26 PM

    WOW... liker så kort art-kortet med "birds" og med lomme på.... :-)

    Og minialbumene til kurset du skal holde er vannvittig flotte..., begge to.... Digger både stil og innhold... :-)

    Ha en fortsatt scrappende flott kveld...


  2. Catrine Said,'> 6:30 PM

    Hehe, kult kort du har laget! :)
    Den lommen var jo bare så søt og et flott ide!
    Nydelige minialbum og!
    Ha en fortsatt fin onsdag! *klem*


  3. Anette S Said,'> 10:47 PM

    Så søte minialbum! Jeg kommer aldri så langt at jeg får laget slike, for jeg vil ikke "bruke opp" bildene mine... tvangstanker *fnis*... Digger kortet også! Forresten, jeg holder på med skissen din til fiskarstingen! Den er så søt!


  4. Kirsten Said,'> 11:24 PM

    Lekkert og enda lekrere!
    Du er så flink med småting her og der altså!


  5. Marjolein Said,'> 12:58 AM

    Oh boy, you had me laughing here, it looks like I here myself talking about other people on the road... To be honest.... I do that sometimes too:-))) Love the card and that mini album with Scarletts letter..... great!!!! Love to see the inside pictures!!! (and a small online like blog, workshop LOL)


  6. banglamarie Said,'> 1:00 AM

    Så herlige ting du har laget!!
    Beundrer deg for din kreativitet og kjapphet :)


  7. jess Said,'> 1:43 AM

    Your card is really beautiful! And i love your mini album!


  8. Paula Said,'> 7:45 AM

    Really love that card & mini album.
    I have the BG papers & stroke them lovingly most days!!!


  9. Je@net Said,'> 2:49 PM

    Love your cute card!! And what a great mini album!!!


  10. Kathrine Said,'> 8:17 PM

    Knis - du er en av dem som gjør at jeg har problemer med å kjøre - jeg hører for meg hva sånne som deg ville sagt og så velger jeg heller å være passasjer. *feig*

    Kult kort! Og stilige album - du er så flink atte.


  11. Ingunn Said,'> 8:23 PM

    Absolutt alt du viste her er bare svinekult! Gleder meg til kortene dine hver uke :D


  12. A.S.K.-P. Said,'> 12:12 AM

    LOVE your Bird card! GREAT job!



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