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** giggle **

Posted by Ania On Wednesday, March 26, 2008
Driving Miss Daisy
(yes she razzes when she makes the driving sounds :p)

The sky is blue, the sun is shining lovingly and I got two very nice scrapnews last night. Now, if only my computer would quit doing those stupid bluescreens and unprovoked reboots...or if my kit from BG would magically conjur itself on the USPS tracking page (MIA since it left USA two weeks ago? ugh not good!)... *rolls eyes*

Anyways! Back to the happy scrapnews!
I won the Celine-bday-challenge! All the names were entered into a hat and outta it came mine! YAY! So cool!

And then!! This email!!!! You see, last year I attended the "Designing with 2007" challengegroup at Lifetime Moments, where there would be one winner each month and an overall winner picked among those who won every month... and well, they picked me!! And the grand prize is to have a layout with an upcoming "Designing with.." book! Yay! How very cool and how very very very very freakin scary!! I mean - I rarely like my layouts after 2-3 weeks - what will I think of a layout printed after what, several months or whenever it takes to make that book?? YIKES!

All in all - I'm really happy and excited - yay :)

Me Jane You Tarzan!
(One of her fave moves these days..stand on a chair or table and go aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah)

Ohwell. Hate to do a post without any kind of graphic, so - sharing some photos from the Easter - kinda straight out of the cam photos ("only" edited in ACR). A little too heavy on the grey/brown side when it comes to the indoor photos hm? Wrong whitebalance maybe? *boggle*

Building a boat with daddy..:)

I don't like it too orangeish which is typical for indoorphotos, but it does give a nice warmth to the photos I guess hmm..would prob adjust the levels some at least in photoshop before printing..brighten up some, adding more contrast in curves... maybe do a soft But really, I oughta know how to prevent such editing in ACR cause it's been fairly typical for the indoor ones

My preciousssssss sssnowwww!

Hey, notice these photos of my oldest? First one is without flash and the two latter with flash. Without the flash you kinda have to watch the sun & placements and stuff to avoid too much harsh shadows in the face..with flash that's too much of a problem..just tune down the flash some to avoid too strong flash..I dunno if I managed that balance tho,..

Hi sweetie!

I think the upper one here had a little too harsh flash..or maybe the exposure/brightness was set a tad too high. The bottom one looks fairly natural doesn't?


4 intriguing feedbacks to '** giggle **'

  1.'> 11:21 AM

    Huge congrats, Ania, so very well deserved!! :)

    And the photos are amazing again, I find it so hard shooting photos in the snow, but yours are fantastic.


  2. Kathrine Said,'> 5:15 PM

    Gratulerer Ania! Så kjempegøy :D


  3. Anonymous Said,'> 9:04 PM

    Ania, så utrolig kult!! Gratulerer!!


  4. S_U_F_69 Said,'> 2:41 PM

    Gratulerer, kjempegøy :D

    Så fine påskebilder du har tatt. På min skjerm ser alle fine ut, du er dyktig :D


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