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~~ Bad Girls July Kit Creations++ ~~

Posted by Ania On Wednesday, July 02, 2008


The July kit at Bad Girls, "Whimsical Wonderland" was such a dream to work with - totally loveloveloved these papers and gorgeous accessories!! More DT-layouts can be found here. Am so sorry for hardly having time to play with my scrapthings these days because well, I wanna scrap! More! But alas...vacation and summer and renovating and running out of ink in the darn printer and well, spending time with the hubby and the kids...and uh, watching Weeds when I have a moment for myself (Just finished season one, lovesit!!) and BSG with the hubby - we just finished s3.....=)

Spending time with my hubby also means playing Age of Conan - took some levels for me to fancy that game, but it's quite enjoyable now that we're level 50+ (leveling is superFAST! I really haven't been playing this game a lot, yet I'm lvl51 atm). And extra enjoyable when we are able to play with long-time friends over the net (friends from our time in Everquest->World of Warcraft-> AoC) The game itself has a more EQ'ish feel over it rather than WoW, but it has a lot of WoW in the sense of quests being a big part of the xp-grind, at least for now....EQ was like, way more about the xp-grind than really questing despite the's quite easy to level up doing quests which doesn't give you a real xp-grind-feel :P It'll be interesting to see what the game has to offer to keep holding on to our interests when we hit level 80, which's the maximum level in the game...

Well, nuff nerdtalk - here's some more promostuff galore!! :D

Luxe!! CHA stuff!! OMg!!!!! Darn!
Ok, Ive shown you the "It's time" peek already but I really really really adore it so I wanna show it looks so great...and there's new stamps and new color-me-pages and a boy and a girl line for the CHA show....and that's not all!! Two of my most fave things from this release (beside the time line) have yet to be so looking forward to get to work with this!!

And then there's Bad Girls first Aniversary....the things the designteam has done and made for this anniversary is just a m a z i n g... I am in such a total awe of their talent and creativity and energy. So much candy to come on the message board this month, you really don't want to miss it!!


Have a nice week!! :)
We're crossing fingers for some nice weather over here's sunny and warm today so far....hope we get to keep camera is loaded and I'm ready for summerphotos...gotta run!!

PS! Did you see?? D700!!! Fx-sensor!!!! OhMyGod*drool*

8 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Bad Girls July Kit Creations++ ~~'

  1. Aquarell Said,'> 10:33 AM

    Så herlige layouter!
    Har meldt meg på hos BG, så jeg gleder meg til å få dette kit'et...
    Ha en fin dag.:D


  2. _Kine Said,'> 10:40 AM

    Så herlige layouter, Ania!! Digger det du lager, blir alltid superinspirert av å se på sidene dine. Lykke til med resten av oppussingen :D


  3. Vibeke Said,'> 8:28 PM

    Herlige LOer!!!! Helt råe er dem!!! Innom her for inspirasjon innimellom jeg:)


  4. Anonymous Said,'> 9:17 AM

    all your layouts are sooooo beautiful!


  5. Sasha Farina Said,'> 6:14 PM

    I am totally in love with your layouts! Such energy!


  6.'> 5:47 AM

    ooooh lekkre LO'er, de papirene ser kanon ut!

    Weeds har jeg ikke faatt med meg, gaar jo glipp av alt paa TV naar jeg jobber saa dumme timer, ender nok opp med aa kjoepe sesongen paa DVD ja. Men det ser kjekt ut!!

    Haaper du har en fin helg :)


  7. Staci Taylor Said,'> 7:34 PM

    Love what you did with that kit, Ania - beautiful LO's!!


  8. Anonymous Said,'> 7:06 AM

    Gorgeous Layouts!


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