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~~ Norwegian Grand Prix Arendal ~~

Posted by Ania On Wednesday, July 23, 2008
No, not the Melody Grand Prix, but the Offshore one....ClassOne World Championship..
we (me and Simen) spent last week in Arendal volunteering along with the basketclub joining other volunteers for this event..

First we put up a lotta tents all over the centrum (which's pretty small :p), mainly focusing on the areas by the piers. It might look like hard work but it was actually easy.. (or maybe I got out easy taking photos every now and then? :p I DID work mind you)

Sometimes the tents weren't really where they were supposed to be which meant we had to move them...this is one of the occassions...(back and forth and back again cause we went too far at one side and blah blah blah :p)

Then by the weekend we were working at the VIP tent (which we had set up =) ) serving food and stuff for 800 guests (which cost 5000 NOK per person to attend..most of the people there were paid/invited by their companies tho)

Here's Simen readying one of the 80 tables..

And here's me at my post...I served beer all weekend...which was pretty nice compared to have to walk back and forth serving food and cleaning the tables and bringing drinks and stuff :p My first time tapping beer and I did great imho!! =)

The entrance to the VIP tent..

The guests (about 400 of them - took this in the middle of the tent - the other 400 were behind me =) )

And oh, let's not forget the race itself :P Here's the "Norwegian" catamaran - the Jotun one w/Norwegian ppl and stuff.. it started out as like, third behind two Victory boats (from Dubai), but after a few rounds it climbed up second and then finally first and the atmosphere inside the tent when it passed the no 1 Victory catamaran was pretty cool - everybody was cheering and stuff :)

Victory from Dubai had most catamarans in this race - 3. They're also on top of the chart although Jotun won this time and climbed up 5th (it have had a lot of technical problems in the other races). Qatar from Qatar (duh) (pictured furthest) have two.

All in all - an awesome experience and it's kinda cool being "behind the scenes" for such an event :) Here's a summary of this event if you're interested.

3 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Norwegian Grand Prix Arendal ~~'

  1. Aquarell Said,'> 1:20 PM

    Ser ut som dere hadde en spennende helg.:D
    ATC albumet ditt i forrige post var forresten utrolig stilig!


  2. Anonymous Said,'> 4:34 PM

    looks like a fun weekend ania!


  3. Sasha Farina Said,'> 5:20 PM

    love your picture doing the beer thingy! so cute!


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