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~~ He ~~

Posted by Ania On Monday, July 28, 2008

  1. He loves the trampoline.
  2. He cares about his little-sister greatly.
  3. He's my "extended eyes" when it comes to photographing small happenings in the house - whenever his little-sister is doing something he thinks should be saved for the eternity you can be sure he'll be running to me yelling "mom mom come and bring your camera!!". He also points out if he thinks I should do any closeups/different angle(s) of whatever subject/object I'm on.
  4. He excels at math and has a lot of funny faces.
  5. He loves Disney Channelx3.
  6. He loves StarCraft, WarCraft3 and Heroes of Might and Magic V.
  7. I love that he plays the games I used to play when I was "young" - StarCraft is what, ten years old or so? My husband played that game when we started dating so thus I started play it too (frak back then when you hooked online you'd block others access to the phoneline so I had to log in in order to be able to reach him :p) .. Can't claim that I've played WC3 that much but there's been some late nights with it too yeah. And as for HoMM V..well, I haven't played that version but I sure as hell LOVED LOVED LOVED the earlier versions of this game...heck....I recall staying up to three in the night just to finish this game and having to go to high school the next day....
  8. Despite his nerdy genes he's really popular with his friends and he loves playing outside.
  9. No sport-gene yet despite his baskety-inheritage.. he's not interested in organized sports for now. He likes gym at school though and he's quite active/physical when he plays.
  10. He's sensitive..sometimes too sensitive...
And so much more.
Love you.

Ps. Seeing this picture on another computer than the one I edited it w. Tanorexia anyone?? Geez. Must. Calibrate. Properly.

2 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ He ~~'

  1. Aquarell Said,'> 5:11 PM

    Så fin tekst om din lille gutt...:D


  2. Kirsten Said,'> 10:26 PM

    Det er alltid så masse inspirasjon i bloggen din! Jeg har lagt en award til deg i bloggen min!


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