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~~ Bad Girls January Kit Creations ~~

Posted by Ania On Thursday, January 08, 2009
The Bad Girls January kit hit the road just a few days ago - a really lovely kit which just seem so perfect for January - soothing and elegant and so perfect for the winter-y feeling of January.
Am totally in love with Jeni Bowlins incredibly smooth rubons!!! This is my niece -my oh-all-too-grown-up-niece. Sigh. Love her so much.

My son was looking forward to an evening at school and was so excited...just had to follow him around until he was ready to go ;p

This lovely gang...never manage to get everybody there 100% but we'll keep trying right ;p

Cookiejar! Darn I love making these, so fun turning a plain box/jar into something that it's see through so you can see the cookies inside kinda :)

I have a shoutout to Emeline and Oddbjørg - way to rock the gallery this month alongside the Bad Girls!!

Also - this was my last kit with Bad Girls - I made the decision to resign a few weeks wasn't easy (it never is) but I believe it's just the way life goes at times..I've been with Bad Girls kits since September 2007 and I have truly enjoyed my time there, always done my best month after month and I hope it has shown... :) I've had such great fun and learned so much with the Bad Girls - it's truly been a honor working alongside these gals and to experience...well, the whole experience...the joy of creating stuff from kits, the fun of sharing with others..all those workshops and contests which have been such a blast...but.. by the end I had to realize it simply just took too much time ...time away from the actual scrapping itself, which I truly enjoy and would prefer to focus my scrapping-time at, especially now when I am trying to be more structured with my time and how and maybe especially when I spend it..some priorities have simply just shifted... so yeah, it's sad closing this chaper of my scrappy life and I wish everybody at Bad Girls the very very best...:)
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15 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Bad Girls January Kit Creations ~~'

  1. mari Said,'> 11:45 AM

    dritlekre layouter Ania!

    Miss u!!!!

    Jeg har mange ganger tenkt: Hvordan i hukeste får hun tid til alt det der!!??? *lolz*


  2. Sophinette Said,'> 2:00 PM

    I love your pages... They are always so original !!! And your cookie's box too !!!


  3. Karmele Said,'> 2:44 PM

    wowwwwww great job!!!


  4. Mahlin Said,'> 6:39 PM

    åå.. dina layouter är alltid de jag gillar bäst i Bad Girls DT-galleri.. Jag kommer sakna din underbara inspiration MEN jag är glad att du tagit ett beslut som känns bra för dig! Det är det som räknas. och du är ju superduktig oavsett var du designar!


  5. _Kine Said,'> 6:40 PM

    Fantastiske layouter! Digger det du har gjort med kittene, men skjønner at det hele er veldig time consuming.


  6.'> 6:43 PM

    Utrolig flotte Loer som vanlig! Skjønner godt at det kan bli for mye, jeg har ofte tenkt at du må ha mer enn 24 timer i døgnet eller noe sånt, hi, hi. Du vil bli sterkt savnet hos bad girls, det er jeg helt sikker på. Lykke til med omstruktureringen av tiden din...


  7. Jingle Said,'> 6:47 PM

    These are awesome! Those top two pages are just amazing and I have some acrylic paint cans that just may need a batch of cookies...hmmm...or maybe a cupcake!


  8. gudrun Said,'> 10:45 PM

    Hærlige, hærlige LO'er, og en kjempesøt cookie-boks. (jeg er forresten mest opptatt av det som er inni ....fnis...uforbedrelig cookie-fan....LOL
    Uansett. Du er knallflink, Ania, og det er alltid kult å stikke innom bloggen din.
    Fikk nettopp en liten award fra Tove - og siden jeg alltid er dårlig på sånne greier, tenkte jeg at jeg skulle starte det nye året bedre....og sende den videre til deg. Besøk bloggen min, så får du se. ;)



  9. Dena Said,'> 6:22 AM

    damn girl....can I just say I am going to miss you like freaking crazy!

    your layouts this month were so incredible and inspiring...

    there is going to be a huge black gap where you and your designs used to be!


  10.'> 3:01 PM

    you make every kit look simply amazing!!!!!


  11. Lula Said,'> 5:14 PM

    Jeg følger i rekken av lovvord om deg Ania:) Du har en utrolig evne til å få hver layout til å stråle som sin særegne måte! Det er dine DT bidrag som har "caught my eye" mest. Det må være et stoort tomrom etter deg hos BG...Men jeg forstår din prioritering;)

    Gleder meg til å se mer av din kreativitet fremover!!



  12. Linn Said,'> 6:08 PM

    Kjempeflotte LOer!

    Så synd at du slutter i BG-DT.
    Det var via din blog jeg oppdaget BG og det kommer jeg til å være evig takknemlig for.
    Jeg kommer til å følge deg videre i bloggen din. :)
    God helg.


  13. Jeni Said,'> 7:54 PM

    You rawked the January Kit! I will miss you so bad it hurts!!! But you will always be a Bad Girl and forever my friend. Don't be a stranger!


  14. Vibeche Said,'> 12:35 AM

    så mange flotte Loer du har laget :)
    Digget de alle sammen og spesielt den med gjengen fra bhgscrappingen :)
    Klem til deg min venn og god helg.


  15.'> 10:22 AM

    will miss you at Bad Girls
    hugs xx


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