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~~ If a song could get me you ~~

Posted by Ania On Wednesday, January 14, 2009
Suppose I should share my last (well..latest - might not be entirely done with Christmas yet) Christmas-layout. Or well, it's just a cardholderthingie so I can make sure last years Christmas-cards won't be like, all spread out (I'm bad like that) and stuff.. and oh by the way, as the last few weeks has been such a blur - I've forgotten to say thank you to a few for the gorgeous and cute cards and photos I've recieved for apologizes and thank you so much if any of you who sent me cards are reading!! (Anette - LOVED the peacock!) :)

I made two big pockets - used a combo of sewing and thick and sturdy 3dfoam (used for framing) to make the pockets...I've used Fancy Pants Designs stuff here - the background is from their Arctic Chill line (LOVE this particular paper - perfect for backgrounds) and the rest is from the Happy Holidays line...I'm particulary fond and proud of the transparency ("Tis the Season") which is layered over the pocket-paper - loved this transparency but was so unsure of how to actually use it. Put together this layout (sans adhering/sewing) while scrapping with Eli - spent all day chatting and youtubing (haha) and like, an hour before I had to go we were like, uh, yeah, suppose we should get around to do what we were supposed to do...scrap?? :p Finished the layout a few days later :p Thanks for the time together :) And tomorrow's another day of scrapping with friends - looking forward to it! :)

Ps. Hate titles, so I have decided to use songtitles and part of lyrics from now on. Methinks. Will try to anyways.

Todays title from If a song could get me you - Marit Larsen.
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5 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ If a song could get me you ~~'

  1. Sonja Said,'> 4:02 PM

    Utrolig kul kortholder. Er så usikker på om jeg skal scrappe julekortene jeg fikk eller ikke (",) Gleder meg til i morgen!!!

    Klem, S


  2. Eli Said,'> 5:41 PM

    Ja vi fikk jo scrappet litt *knis* Flott ble den Ania - og jeg må lage noe sånt jeg også. Greit å ha kortene samlet et sted. Blir kjekt i morgen!! Klem


  3. Linn Said,'> 9:11 PM

    så stilig kortholder!


  4. Anette S Said,'> 6:34 PM

    Så bra at du likte den lille fuglen! Pusekatten min klarte nesten å spise den opp før jeg fikk sendt den, men den kom fra det uten skavanker! :) Så utrolig lurt å lage to lommer! Da blir det jo ekstra kult og layouten blir ikke sånn kjempetykk på ett sted, liksom!


  5.'> 4:36 AM

    such a great idea !!


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