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~~ Photos from the summerplace ~~

Posted by Ania On Sunday, July 12, 2009
We spent the whole last week (well, close anyways :) ) out at the summerplace.
As usual I got home w/some photos mm..random selection inc..

Amalie and her beloved "diamond"-game.

Um yeah. I'm drawn to Irish beer.
Taken at 11pm, ISO 1250 and I love it =)

Adrian spent a good deal of the vacation at the pier fishing for crabs.
It's amusing listening to the kids convos about the finer art of fishing for crabs...and to see that Amalie now is old enough to do her share - she was the designated crab-food-fetcher (looking for blue mussels & opening them before handing them over to Adrian)

We did some regular fishing too (one day we caught six fish - w/me being responsible for four of'em. Yeap. ME! Hah! =) ). Amalie is letting me know when enough is enough when it comes to taking photos :p

Hubby preparing the fish :)

Did I mention how much I adore the kids? Esp when they're so lovely w/each others (oh sure, they can whine and tease each other like, eh, no other, but when they're good they're like, good :p) Here Adrian is reading a cartoon for Amalie..

Hubby&his grandpa dragging another stump up behind the maincottage..the old one was rotten and there were lots of logs to be chopped for the winter :p

And I have to say...the cottage-life sure is nice but getting home and shower for the first time in like five days is awesome ;p
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5 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Photos from the summerplace ~~'

  1. _Kine Said,'> 12:12 PM

    Høres ut som dere har kost dere! Digger bildet av Adrian og den gule bøtta =)


  2. Maren Said,'> 1:46 PM

    Så fantastiske bilder du har tatt! Ser ut som en helt herlig tur! Digger bildet av føttene deres jeg :D


  3.'> 12:44 PM

    look blissful!


  4. Aquarell Said,'> 7:25 PM

    Så herlige sommerbilder.:D


  5. Christiane Said,'> 7:28 PM

    kilkenny - skol!! :)) love your shots!! :)


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