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~~ Get off the cross we need the wood ~~

Posted by Ania On Thursday, July 30, 2009

August is a popular month for weddings, and it's soon time for the first one - my husbands cousin & her french to-be-husband :) I made them a gift-box w/the gift inside..a plain box made of cardstock given lids from some leftover-chipboardbookpages from Maya Road (Im happy I saved two of them :) ) I decorated it with the Fancy Pants Designs "Splendid" - line- romantic and sweet and perfect for such a love-theme :)

Couldn't find letters that was just the right size for the box, so I painted some old ones (from the Fancy Pants earlier Christmas-line) - first w/gesso because the surface was so smooth, then w/red acrylic paint :)

I needed a card and I just love Hambly for creating elegant wedding-cards :)
Went for a simple one this time, letting the transparency & papers speak for themselves..

Had a quick rehersal-shot with the kids - making sure their clothes for the wedding was ok and stuff (going for a tougher look for Amalie, as this wedding isn't too formal)...

Have a nice weekend :)

Oh, and before I forget - I got an award from Vibeke "I like your style" - thank you so much!!! :)

There's a lot of people out there whose style I admire - on top of my head right now it's Jen Jockish (she makes it seem so easy! And fun! Every single time!), Sasha (mm yeah. don't let your head grow too big now sweetie ;p) and Nic Howard (love her work, they seem to have such depth and play of shadows always). Too chicken to pass on the award properly though, but have been looking for an excuse to mention people who inspire me sooooo thanks for that one :D

Title: "Big Wheel" - Tori Amos

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7 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Get off the cross we need the wood ~~'

  1. AnnaB Said,'> 8:23 AM

    Oh, that card is soooo beautiful...! The box too, but I totally fell for the card...!


  2. Ann-Katrin Said,'> 10:29 AM

    Nydelig og delikat Ania.
    Og så søte barna dine er.
    Lykke til i bryllup og god helg.


  3. Pia Said,'> 11:05 AM

    Så flink du er! Det bryllupskortet var jo bare lekkert. Flotte bilder av ungene!


  4. TracieH Said,'> 12:48 PM

    Love the card and the photo of the kidlets in their wedding attire is priceless....Amalie looks soooo cool.


  5.'> 1:48 PM

    my freakin' head is swelling like there's no tomorrow.. heeeeheeee :D you rock, chica. you know that, right? and you know i love you to death, right? what? you don't? now you do ;)


  6. Emilie Said,'> 4:57 PM

    this is gorgeous! absolutely love it!


  7. Dena Said,'> 4:31 AM

    Hey girl! I haven't been to your blog since you made it all snazzy! I am lovin this set up. Looks awesome AND I can comment LOL
    Hope that you are doing well my friend. Miss you lots!


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