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~~ Amalies drawing & some photos ~~

Posted by Ania On Wednesday, July 01, 2009
So, as I've mentioned earlier - we've been playing Diablo2 lately, and Amalie's been pretty interested in playing aswell. It's so cute listening to her and her daddys convos when it comes to the game - she understands a lot for a four year old (I'd imagine), about the game and its mechanisms and thinks it's fun - so proud whenever she finds something (money, items, new mobs - it gets a bit tiresome when she's absolutely gonna show us ever little thing tho) :) Her attention-span however is like every four year old - she tires of it after like 5 minutes and goes on to do something else entirely :p

She also drew herself playing - the lying one is herself when she's dead (and she dies a lot too ;p), the standing one is her when she's not dead and she even pointed out the boss among the mobs surrounding her. She doesn't look traumatized about that fact by the way, in case anybody wondered - she's just proud about the whole thing :) It sure warms a nerdy moms heart :p
(and yes I know we might have a different view on what children "can" and "cannot" do and games and all that blah blah, being seasoned gamers ourselves and hey I even took courses on children and gaming (I love Sherry Turkle - she was seriously way ahead of her time) when I studied media - a fascinating subject imo..really wish I explored that field more)

We went hiking up Ulriken the other day. I came home with a few shots of the kids and stuff, but none of the view. Figures.

On the top (you can cheat and take the cable car too)

Mm and I had to do a shot of my new wallet - it's so me ;p

And that's it for now :)
Oh, and I read about Geo-caching here at the Lifetime Moments blog and immediately became fascinated - modern day treasure-hunting - it sounds so fun! :)

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3 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Amalies drawing & some photos ~~'

  1. Carrin Said,'> 3:22 PM

    Du den pengboka der....hvor har du fått tak i den???? Kjenner jeg bare må ha ei sånn ;)
    Herlige bilder som alltid, og den runde LO`en i forrige post er jeg allerede igang med å lifte her!! Håper det er greit :))
    Digga den!


  2. Catrine Said,'> 4:16 PM

    Digger lommeboka di! :)
    Flotte bilder. Og flinke Amalie til å tegne da!
    Takk for koselig kommentar i bloggen min!
    Kommer på Papirfesten ja! Gleder meg masse til å se deg igjen! *klem*


  3. vkaroly Said,'> 7:41 PM

    Amalie drawing: simply rocks!


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