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~~ Bit more testing (and yeah I’m still bored) ~~

Posted by Ania On Thursday, November 05, 2009

Testing Windows Live Writer further, esp w/piccies.

And well. Being sick and home apparently means I remember that I actually have children, in the sense that looking in Lightroom I can’t find any piccies of the kids (apart from once when I asked Amalie to help me w/holding a project for me) for a whole month until I imported these piccies. One whole month without having taken any piccies of my own children. Duh. Total.Shame.On.Me.


Testing. Piccies.
Sort of thought the layout in the prev. post was a bit muddy when I downscaled it, hence it’s in full size in the prev post. Need to test it further. And show that I actually do have children. Or something like that.


I was awake for like two hours on Halloween. Had to snap a few piccies of the kids :)

(Ok I’m lying now. I was awake for however long it took to watch Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire w/the kids). (Yes Adrian is borrowing my old slr. My hopes is that he’ll be interested in photography. So far no luck. Amalie’s reeeeally interested in being in front of the camera though.)


Love that the kids still love to play together. Yesterday they turned half the living-room into their own house.

(Amalie is running towards the camera yelling “Lemme see!! Lemme see!”)

Ok. Testing three things atm. Diff. ways to display the piccies (loves! So easy!), scheduling and the overall sharpness/muddiness of the piccies when published (prob just me who’s messing around).


What else?
I’m soooo excited about Lightroom 3.0!!! I particulary noticed this bit: “state-of-the-art-noisereducer” – sounds oh so fancy and hopefully awesome! (Oh, and that the Boutwells are working on some presets for Lightroom. O.o)

My layout about Eli actually won the contest “Scrapping the Music – på norsk” had for Knutsen & Ludvigsens “Dum & Deilig”. I’m just delighted I actually was able to join one of their contests…K&L ruler (one of the best concerts I’ve been to was their reunion-concert w/DumDumBoys ♥♥♥)…. Whee, thank you so much!! :)


Not gonna complain about how sick I am – I’m all about positive thoughts & am hoping by the time this post hits the Internet I’m feeling good enough to actually scrap some!! (don’t you hate it when you’re like, feeling you should have been able to do a zillion things all at once but only manage to do….nada? :( )

3 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Bit more testing (and yeah I’m still bored) ~~'

  1. Eli Said,'> 10:43 AM

    -jeg regner med at den pene dama på layouten får lov å låne premien innimellom ;) Fortsatt good bedring - håper du snart er i form igjen så vi kan finne på noe gøy :) Klem


  2. Aquarell Said,'> 11:01 AM

    Fortsatt god bedring til deg. Gratulerer med seieren hos STM, LOen din var så herlig! Og det samme er bildene dine i denne posten.
    Ha en fin torsdag.:D


  3. Ann Hedvig Said,'> 2:48 PM

    Gratulerer så mye Ania!

    Kjekt å høre at formen er bedre :o)



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