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~~ Gingerbread-Island & (finally) an evening with the girls ~~

Posted by Ania On Saturday, November 28, 2009

Gonna share quite a few photos, so suppose I’d show a card first for those who’s here for the scrappy stuff only sorta =)


Made this card for my grandmother-in-law but managed to forget the card at the office the day I was dropping by the hospital…ohwell..I’ll get it to her sometime I hope :p

Punched out butterflies w/my Martha Stewart-punches & used my scalloped scissors around the sticker. Paper&sticker from Pink Paislee, gems from KaiserCraft and letters from Adornit.



Back to the pictures…

Last night I finally got around to meet up w/some of the scrappy girls…it’s been a while!!

First I met up w/Marie, Eli and Ellen. We dropped by Moe, Udd & Tollefsen, who opened their own store at Bryggen. Nice little store & lots of people attending the opening. Cozy.



There were wine and snacks and Marie needed help w/the wine (srsly! ;p).

Then we detoured a bit & stood outside in the rain liek, just for fun – until someone had to lead people someplace & we ended up at The Scotsman. I think. The small, elegant pub next to the trad. doors to The Scotsman? Which looks totally different and way more chic and maybe it’s always been there & I’ve just been too drunk to notice/care. Like, years ago when I was young. *cough*

Anyways, they didn’t serve Guinness there until 10 (wtf! main reason we went there sniff..) so I opted for wine like the other girls. And sort of got fascinated w/taking piccies of the wineglasses.


Until someone had enough & threatened to grab their wines ruining my photos. Hello!!


Then we went to Egons & met up w/Ann Hedvig and Anki……soooo many people there and such great entertainment for those who had the view :p


Don’t look at me. Ellen and Eli decided to…refresh themselves or something.


♥ the whole evening, thank you so much for the great time gals…


Spent today w/the kids….


Visiting the Gingerbread Island at the local mall…so fascinating for the kids..♥


Adrian found this light-sphere fascinating..


…while I thought this part of the Island was most awesome. A replica of the AV-house (my workplace :D) in gingerbread….we’re located at the 2nd and 3rd floor :D Yes, the house is round. Yes the corridors goes around and round (like Eli learned last night :p). The bridge (connecting the island&mainland can be seen to the left, the boat to the right :p)


Then there was time for the Frost Princess to read out loud for the kids. Nice atmosphere.

Then we went home & started baking for Christmas :) Kakemenn! W/Hello Kitty! :D

Both kids helped ♥

Gonna make Bailey-balls (uh yeah) & try to get the honey&pecanmix wrapped up later today :)

3 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Gingerbread-Island & (finally) an evening with the girls ~~'

  1. Aquarell Said,'> 6:37 PM

    Så mange herlige bilder! :D
    Ha en fin lørdagskveld!


  2. Eli Said,'> 8:09 PM

    Var en kjempekos kveld - og at jeg virkelig lurte på om NOEN tok med kamera.... :P Fine bilder fra senteret også; kjekt med litt lokal pepperkakegreier også :) Vi får ture ned dit og kikke en annen dag.


  3. Camilla G Said,'> 10:46 PM

    Du tar så flotte bilder, blir bare bedre og bedre. og ja, bedre! Kjempeflotte er de! De i lavt lys er imponerende!!
    Har du kjøpt den rammen du har brukt på bildene her? Den var kjempefin!


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