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~~ I got my eyes on you Piglet! ~~

Posted by Ania On Wednesday, November 04, 2009

(I’ve got? Hm.)
Uh yeah.

Still sick – but now I’m at least able to be awake most of the time and like, being bored to death because I don’t know what to do (well, I’ve got a lot to do but..) and my head constantly hurts and my throat’s got a nice little farm of cactuses growing inside of them and my attentionspan is non-excistent and bleh bleh bleh *feeling for herself* Right now I can’t decide wheter to read (think I’ll save it for tonight), watch Gossip Girl (got so many eps to catch up! And HEY where’s House!?? Hasn’t been a new ep in a forever, grrrr!!!) or finish the card I have to finish within friday (should prob do that one first).

But no. Instead I figured I’d test out this Windows Live Writer thingie which Xstine wrote about (wohoo…it’ll allow you to do target = blank without having to type the code in manually – bonus!), see if it’s anything for me and stuff…I like the WYSIWYG layout so far…let’s see if it’s any good publishing and stuff too.


Forgot to share the last Pencil-Lines layout. Me and Kine and her übercool insta-fun-in-a-box! :) With Kine I just had to use these Prima-papers.cutecutecute :)

Right. Time to do something. Other than feeling sorry for myself and stuff. BLeh.

Stay safe & healthy…this sucks!

3 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ I got my eyes on you Piglet! ~~'

  1. Ann Hedvig Said,'> 2:21 PM

    God bedring Ania!

    Har du sett de House episodene som går om onsdagen nå?



  2. Solfrid Said,'> 6:08 PM

    Kjempekul LO, likte arket med "bamsefigurene" du har brukt.:D
    God bedring til deg, ikkeno' morsomt å være syk...


  3. _Kine Said,'> 5:58 PM

    Se så søte vi er! :) Kjempekul layout, elsker det Primaarket du har brukt. Tror jeg må kjøpe mer Stich-film!


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