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~~Look I can be hip too! ~~

Posted by Ania On Friday, September 24, 2010


I truly adore this style, and I want to scrap in this style more but usually end up with boring old “lots-of-patterned-papers-together”. Nevertheless, it felt good when I was able to stick to this style for this layout, which was created for the Pink Paislee Thursday Trend post.

And yeah, the layout is about my (not really fading, but…maybe..different) love for high heels. I love high heels, I really do, and always done so – but let’s face it – it’s not really practical. Even I have to admit that (took me a few years, though!). Especially not when working as a photographer (and seriously, all these doctors and policewomen on TV running around in high heels at work? Really guys?). So, when contemplating whether I really do need new shoes or not, I more often than not think “sigh, love these but I can’t use these for work which means I can’t really justify the spending which means I really need to look for flat substitutes”. My theory is that I’m growing old more mature (or I just need more shopping-money :p)

Ahwell. Back to the scrappy specifics.attitude_cu1

Look at that yummy splotch! And the lovely colors of these cushies (foam-alphas from Pink Paislee). Not to mention the awesome grid-tape! attitude_cu2 Oh yeah, really felt satisfied with this layout. I have no idea what this style is called (anyone??), but I think it’s the kind you can see with Debee Campos, Jennifer Johner, Tara Anderson, Kara Haupt and Amanda Johnson et al.

Pretty much used Pink Paislee only on this one, apart from the transparencies which’s Hambly Screenprints. Oh, and Tattered Angels when it comes to the misting :)

You can find more closeups + prod-info at Pink Paislee.

Brenda Hurd Said,

3:10 AM

great card and layout!! That cake looks sooooooo yummy. And i really really need that color of polish. My new fave has been a purply black - but doesn't even compare to that. Can you get it online. I NEED IT!!

The color pictured is First Class Ticket by China Glaze, got it off ebay bundled with a few other Vintage Vixen-polishes (their webby doesn’t show the real colors as far as I can see).

DSC_4331 Right now I am sporting “I’m with Brad” by Opi Sephora (ignore my dry fingers please :p). It’s an amazing color, deep, brownburgundeybloodwineredish – very dark but I love the shine although I’ve seen some complain it’s too dark for their taste. Think elegant dark velvet vampire color :p (yeah yeah, again – this is a three-day-wear-photo :p)


Did you see the peek for the new Christmas-tags for Elle’s Studio? (um well ok, now you did :p)

Elle’s Studio is celebrating the new tags by giving away the whole Christmas-line to two lucky winners – just head on over here, comment and wait in anticipation! ;)

Have a lovely weekend – mine will be busy but fun :)

4 intriguing feedbacks to '~~Look I can be hip too! ~~'

  1. Aquarell Said,'> 7:41 AM

    Så herlig LO! Høye hæler er ikke praktiske, du har rett i det, men å, så flott man føler seg i dem! :) Ha en flott helg!


  2. Eli Said,'> 9:18 AM

    Ja vi begynte vel å lure litt på deg - på tur på Herdla i høye hæler; ingen andre enn du som kan finne på noe sånt *fnis* - og trenger jeg å minne deg på turen rundt i Stavanger sentrum på brosteinen? :P Men ja; høye hæler er stilig og du "bærer" dem med verdighet og kler det absolutt. Jeg har vært for voksen og kjedelig lenge men det har vel mest med å gjøre at jeg ikke klarer å gå på sånne hæler og ikke det at jeg ikke syns det er flott ;):) Digger neglelakken!!!! Me borrow i Stavanger - yes?? :) :)



  3.'> 10:00 PM

    Superstilig LO - herlige farger!!


  4. Sasha Farina Said,'> 6:21 PM

    what dry fingers? i see nothing! :P


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