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~~ It’s a girl! Card+peeks from the babysession ~~

Posted by Ania On Saturday, March 26, 2011

Okay, so I sort of promised that my next blogpost would be scrapbook-related. And this one is. Half of it, anyways. I’m in the middle of editing the babyphotos I mentioned earlier and they’re like, way too cute not to be shared like, immediately…sooo.


Right, card first ;) This is actually a CD-card I created for the babysession before this latest one – and I used Pencil-Lines sketch #230 and Fancy Pants Designs-papers for this card.


I used lots of older products on this one – this babyline is an older one, the badge from American Crafts and the journaling from Making Memories aswell. All part of my grand scheme to shrink my evergrowing stash (as if it helps ><)




Off to the photos: please meet sweet, sweet Alma! :)


Such a sweet sweet girl, I truly enjoyed shooting her (even when she started crying and required a nap to be able to tolerate even more shooting :p).

Now, notice the catchlights in her eyes? Sure, it’s just details, but hm, do you think it looks silly when they show at the bottom of the eyes? I *think* I read somewhere they should be between 10 and 2 o’clock sorta, to look somewhat more natural…which I ofcourse forgot about when I shot her. The catchlight here comes from my reflector, by the way.


At least the catchlights are “correct” here, hm. Hi Alma!


Starting to show the first signs of “do I really wanna cooperate?” :p
(now, I know this picture should be culled, but I have a hard time culling and I find such non-perfect pictures pretty darn cute still)


Look at this chubby, cute baby! *soft sigh*


Ofcourse – the mandatory must-have-feet-and-toes-picture…:)


Adding this picture just to show how we (ok, mostly her mom) tried to make her stay happy and watch in the general direction we hoped she’d look at for the pictures and stuff..teehee..


So darling…


This picture sort of has a serenity I just love being able to snap. I have at least another picture like that too, of mother and child, but I forgot to check w/her whether it was ok to have her on the blog as well so not sharing it here.


Right. As mentioned - I’m almost halfway through editing these pictures – hope to be done by Monday or Tuesday – and will probably share more pictures by then. The last pictures we shot were the best (think: awesome, vividly colored grannysquare-blanket) – I have no idea how I’ll pick which pictures to edit from this part of the session, sigh..I’ll probably just keep most!

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4 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ It’s a girl! Card+peeks from the babysession ~~'

  1. Nati Tristan Said,'> 11:08 PM

    Those are some the the cutes pictures I've seen! Thank you for showing us that beautiful little girl! And you card is fantastic!


  2. banglamarie Said,'> 1:04 PM

    Nydelige babybilder!!


  3. Cassie Said,'> 5:02 PM

    Beautiful card! The photos are gorgeous! I am following your pinterest boards now too!! =)


  4. pattyo Said,'> 8:55 PM

    The card is beautiful and so are the photos--so precious!!


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