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~~ My beautiful, gorgeous, dear, dear grandma ~~

Posted by Ania On Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Alright, so I know – most of the readers of this blog come here for the scrapbook-stuff, and I do try to keep it that way as well. However. After being almost one week in Oslo and being so fortunate to get to spend some time with my lovely grandmother as well, I feel compelled to share a few lot of pictures of her. I love her dearly, and to think..she’s 95 years old…sigh..she’s the last of my grandparents still living…I’m so sad my other grandparents never got around to meet my children nor be around when I discovered photography for real… ahwell…such is life, hm?

I have another batch of photographs to share soon before returning to the regular scrapbook-blog-schedule, about my nephew and his big day..I know my sister is eagerly awaiting these pictures :p


She normally lives in her own house in Drammen, but four times a year she stays a few weeks at a home for older people in Oslo. Luckily it coincided with our trip to Oslo, so we dropped by and stayed for a few hours with her – me, my mother, Amalie and Tuva (my niece). I brought her pictures of the children, that’s what they’re looking at here.


My grandmother is always smiling and laughing. That’s how I remember her from when I was little, and that’s how she still is. Amalie is showing her a trick with the hands/fingers, and she’s trying to follow, finding it hilarious..


She’s trying…!_DSC1989

Still trying! Hehe love this picture…


And I love this picture even more, with her laughing in the background :)


Mom asked me to take some portraits of her..I’m like, duh, ofcourse :) And grandma’s like, me, laugh, no why?

I’m struggling somewhat with the whitebalance (I know – I’ve been called a WB-nazi, I’m hopelessly obsessed about it most of the at times), above the picture (and the first one in this post) looks fine, but maybe a bit too reddish/magentaish? But below it’s a bit too greenish, isn’t? Yet both looks fine still, no? Sigh. I am so saving up for an Eizo-screen!! *sniff* _DSC2020

Did I mention I love her very much? Here she’s talking with mom who’s behind me..this is a familiar expression..this is so her...hehe…this, and the laughing, smiling face of hers…


And then mom tried to get a groupshot of the kids and grandma…


Not exactly an easy task I tell ya ;p


And this…I really like this one – the lightning is great, giving good contrast against the dark room (the curtains were drawn because it became too hard to see her signing against the bright background), and I love her expression here…almost a shame the kids were around in the background ruining the picture haha..


Wrapping this picture-heavy post with another picture, of my daughter playing with the old Barbie-dolls…accumulated from me, my sister and her two older cousins…

Phew. Two picture-heavy posts in one day.

Think I’ll save the baby-pictures for tomorrow or something like that.

I’ve got several scrappy assignments I need to tend to now (I dropped the transcribing of the tapes, the sound was too low for me to comprehend, so I’m gonna need technical assistance with that, bleh), and to prepare a few upcoming photosessions this week – among them another babysession (whee!), an article for the local newspaper and a few soccer-team-pictures (also for the local newspaper). Oh, and not to forget – my nephews Christening-pictures needs to be edited and sorted too so they can be blogged & sent off to my oh, so impatient sister ;)

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8 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ My beautiful, gorgeous, dear, dear grandma ~~'

  1.'> 4:45 PM

    lovely photos Ania


  2. banglamarie Said,'> 5:04 PM

    Nydelige bilder og nyedelig bestemor.
    Hun ser fantastisk ut. Herlige smilerynker og øynene stråler av glede. Et vakkert menneske!!
    Du er flink til å fange det vakre Ania!


  3. Nati Tristan Said,'> 8:03 PM

    Those are wonderful pictures!


  4. pattyo Said,'> 12:07 AM

    I always enjoy seeing or reading about people's lives as well as their hobbies. It helps in getting to know a person even though they may be ocean's apart! God bless your Grandma! How wonderful your children also have the opportunity to get to know her.


  5. Amy Heller Said,'> 2:59 PM

    She looks like the funnest Grandma ever!! What fabulous expressions you were able to capture!!! What a blessing!! I'd love to be a fly on the wall to hear her talking with your kids - looks like a lot of fun!! ;)


  6.'> 1:15 PM

    oh my Ania.. she is just beautiful. and answering your question - i suck at cooking. i do cook, but usually don't take photos of it. LOL. and we eat out a lot, yes.. street food. it's cheaper than cooking most of the time ;)


  7. Ellen* Said,'> 6:52 PM

    Kjempeflotte bilder av fine bestemor!
    Til din kommentar i bloggen min: jepp, jeg var i Oslo en snartur forrige fredag:o)
    Jeg er en av dem som syns det er interessant med andre ting enn scrapping også - så vet du det:o)


  8. Eli Said,'> 8:42 AM

    Det var virkelig en sprudlende dame! Så herlig :) Ingen tvil om du har klart å fange mange gyldne øyeblikk der!


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